Regal Switches to Pepsi and Sparks Social Media Backlash

The announcement that Regal Cinemas is switching from Coke to Pepsi has not gone down well with most people on social media. The announcement came after a flirty Twitter campaign between the official @RegalMovies and @Pepsi accounts, proclaiming their mutual…

Daily Cinema Digest – Tuesday 25 February 2014

Two article’s on the challenger to ROH’s event cinema opera supremacy in the UK. First is The Guardian’s take on ENO’s Peter Grimes showing and decision to hire rock music director Andy Morahan to film it. Overall positive, bar a…

CBS Films Masters The Art of Social Media Marketing

Using Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram to advertise and promote a new or upcoming film release isn’t exactly a new concept. Distributors have been incorporating social media campaigns as part of their marketing efforts for the past several years now….

Can Social Media Service Vine Help Market Content?

After officially launching this past January, Twitter’s new social media service Vine, has begun to find some traction. Vine, which allows users to post looping six second videos, now accounts for more daily shares of media on Twitter than Instagram, the photo sharing mobile app which formerly reigned supreme on the social network….

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