Cinema Tech Innovators: La Toile (France)

Cinema Tech Innovators is a series where Celluloid Junkie profiles small innovators looking to make a big difference in the world of cinema. These are companies working in online, technology, social media and other spheres to enhance and expand the…

CJ + Smart Pricer: 5 Ways to Optimize Your Cinema Ticket Pricing

After numerous cinema industry consulting projects, Smart Pricer has created extensive benchmark analysis on worldwide cinema ticket pricing. Celluloid Junkie has partnered with Smart Pricer to share and highlight some of the insights they have gained.  We will begin with…

UK Copy Cat of MoviePass Revealed

A UK copy-cat version of MoviePass cinema subscription service has been revealed, with now operator cPass currently accepting applications for its GBP £9.95 (USD $13.83) a month plan. The websitesays that “cPass is the first UK and European cinema subscription service….

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