Top 50 Women in Global Cinema 2023 Needs You! 

By Celluloid Junkie Staff | February 2, 2023 1:28 am PST

As the return to pre-pandemic box office levels inches closer, and after many enquiries and requests, we’re thrilled to announce the opening of nominations for our annual Top Women in Global Cinema 2023 list, back in its usual format.

Now in its seventh year, and fresh off the back of our inaugural Top Women in Global Distribution 2022 sister list in November, the exhibition-focused celebration of women in our industry continues. And we need your help to highlight those that deserve recognition. 

Each year we try to cast our nets as far and wide as we can but, in order to keep the list as global as possible, we need names, names, names. There is always the chance that we will – and we previously have, much to our embarrassment – miss those that thoroughly deserve to be on the list, even with the best of intentions. So this is our plea to those of you that have someone (anyone, as long as they’re women or identifying as women) in mind: help us to widen the pool of names and create a list worthy of all those who deserve to be on it. 

As a side note to the above: ever since we started this project back in 2016, we always find ourselves short on names from further flung territories to where our team is based (predominantly UK / US), so names from Asia Pacific, African and Latin American territories are particularly welcomed. We go through every single nomination as part of our process and we want this to be a truly international collection of 50 names so please do get in touch (even if they don’t appear on this year’s list, they’ll be on our radar for future).

The deadline for nominations is 10th March 2023, almost a month before our publishing date of 4th April. Needless to say, there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes activity that takes place to get the list finalised and lookin’ pretty.

Of course, we wish to thank you all in advance for your support – it’s always hugely appreciated – and to say that all nominations should be sent through to or via this form. Any questions or queries can also be sent through to any of our team or to the above email address. 

And if anyone reading this is interested in corporate sponsorship of this year’s Top Women in Cinema 2023 then do drop us a line to discuss – this is one of our most-followed annual features and we’d welcome your support to continue our work.