The Return of the 52 Week Movie Business

Much like a Beach Boys song from the 1960s, North American distribution has been focused far too long on the spoils of summer, jamming tentpole after tentpole into the four-month long summer season. I’m sure there’s a musical analogy for…

Second-Guessing The 2020 Box Office Doomsayers

It’s feast or famine when prognosticators look at box office prospects. In 2019, everyone saw a calendar year bursting with sure-fire billion dollar grosses like “Avengers: EndGame,” “Frozen II,” “Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker” and “Toy Story 4.” They…

How Women Will Decide Hollywood’s Fate This Summer

As I sit here writing this column on April 15th Cannon Mountain in New Hampshire currently has 66 trails open for skiing. What in the world does this fact have to do with a summer movie boxoffice column? Excellent question….

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