Top Women in Global Cinema 2024 – A Call to Names!

By Celluloid Junkie Staff | May 21, 2024 3:14 am PDT
Nominations are now open for Celluloid Junkie's Top Women in Global Cinema 2024

It’s that time of year again where we at Celluloid Junkie come to you, dear readers, all for names of female executives in the international cinema exhibition industry, in order to compile our annual list. Given the very encouraging response the list always receives, and the numerous enquiries we’ve had about it in recent weeks, we’re delighted that lots of CJ readers are looking forward to our eighth iteration. And, despite being slightly later than our usual March slot, we still need your participation in making the list happen – so send ‘em in here via our clever form, or send them to Nominations will close on Monday 10th June.

At the risk of parroting our annual ‘cry for help’ – it’s difficult to put an original spin on the same message each year – we want to put together a truly representative list of global names and we can’t include nominees that we don’t know. So, if there’s someone deserving who you think other people may nominate or is “bound to show up on the list”, please don’t assume that’s the case – send over a nomination anyway. We can’t stress enough how important and helpful it is to receive nominations (hopefully along with some up-to-date info and a headshot!), particularly of those who are based in further afield territories. Although names from the Middle East, Asia and African territories are slowly starting to come through, these are the territories we definitely need more of a spotlight on. So, again, if you know someone deserving – nominate them! It takes but a second. 

We’re also delighted to announce that the selection committee will be joined once more by UNIC’s Laure Galtier and, for his list debut, Harry Medved, who works with the National Association of Theatres Owners (NATO). Both will be joined by Celluloid Junkie’s Helen Budge and J. Sperling Reich. The list will be published on 27th June, during the aptly named “Top Women in Global Cinema” CJ Cinema Summit. So, before we see you there, did we mention we need you to nominate those deserving female colleagues / peers / friends? 

Likewise, a call for sponsors has been made to those who have expressed interest in supporting our Top Women initiatives, however as we look to cover the cost of producing these annual lists any assistance is welcome and greatly appreciated. For additional information please contact us on