Webinar: Helping Independent Cinemas Make the Most of Their Digital Marketing – Optimising Twitter

By Jess Carlin | June 25, 2020 3:01 am PDT

To help independent cinemas make the most of their social media and digital activity, Celluloid Junkie has teamed with movie marketing company Screen Moguls on a digital initiative designed to educate and support cinemas with their digital activity during the coronavirus shutdown.

Twitter is different as a media platform to Facebook and Instagram, but is equally important when used for communicating directly with customers. As the most public-facing of social media platforms, Twitter reaches the broadest audience and is particularly well placed for creating a conversation with customers, especially around health and safety messaging prior to reopening.

To discuss the opportunities around Twitter, the second session of the Digital Initiative was presented by Ross MacDonald, Client Partner: Movies & Entertainment at Twitter UK. The full session can be viewed here.

With 71% of Twitter users interested in movies / cinema (vs 66% of the online population), the session looked at the value of speaking to the film Twitter community, but also focused on how brands (or cinemas) should communicate during moments of crisis, the use of Twitter in building community, helpful tools and an overview of analytics and measurement.

To view the whole session and learn more about the uses of Twitter for independent cinemas, click here.

Jess Carlin