Webinar: Helping Independent Cinemas Make the Most of Their Digital Marketing – Local Radio and the Digital Ad Exchange

By Jess Carlin | June 30, 2020 8:33 am PDT

To help independent cinemas make the most of their social media and digital activity, Celluloid Junkie has teamed with movie marketing company Screen Moguls on a digital initiative designed to educate and support cinemas with their digital activity during the coronavirus shutdown.

Radio is a medium that isn’t often associated with digital marketing, but the highly engaged and willing audience is something that should be considered when planning a campaign. Global and their DAX team have extensive experience working with both distribution and exhibition campaigns across the audio medium, so are perfectly placed to share how audio can benefit independent cinemas.

To discuss the opportunities around DAX and local radio, the fourth session of the Digital Initiative was presented by Peter Bassett, Group Head – Commercial Digital Data at Global
The full session can be viewed here.

The session covered the basics of why audio is a highly engaging medium, and specifically, the targeting and measurement capabilities that audio allows.

To view the whole session and learn more about the uses of DAX for independent cinemas, click here.

Jess Carlin