Webinar: Helping Independent Cinemas Make the Most of Their Digital Marketing – Local PR  

By Jess Carlin | July 8, 2020 2:28 am PDT

To help independent cinemas make the most of their social media and digital activity, Celluloid Junkie has teamed with movie marketing company Screen Moguls on a digital initiative designed to educate and support cinemas with their digital activity during the coronavirus shutdown.

PR is one of the most effective and important means of interacting with an audience. From messaging on social media to communicating safety measures and working with journalists on a local level, PR is a vital element to any reopening strategy.

To discuss how best to approach local PR, the final session of the Digital Initiative was presented by Chris Charnley, founder of Charnley Communications. You can watch the session here.

Starting with a discussion about the current state of cinemas, Chris provides a clear and concise overview of how to address the challenges facing independent cinemas using PR and comms – covering the pre-opening, opening and post-opening stages, and looking at everything from discussing safety with customers to social media community management and working with local influencers.

To view the whole session and learn more about local PR for independent cinemas, click here.

Jess Carlin