Why Cohen Media Group Is The Right Buyer For Landmark Theatres

In the end it wasn’t Netflix. Nor was it Amazon Studios. Instead, it is the independent film distributor and production company Cohen Media Group that will be acquiring Landmark Theatres from Wagner/Cuban Companies. Put another way, two billionaires, Todd Wagner…

CJ Cinema News Digest – Friday 6 October 2017

Gaumont Pathé ‘unlimited’ add-ons, Golden Village stake sold, Landmark sued, Cineworld protestors, India cinema strike, Dubai invest in Pakistan cinemas, Forbes cinema analysis, German training scheme, Cinemaxx’s Movie4Friends, Saudi Arabia Cinema rumours, German women-only screenings, seating personality hokum, Odeon lectures, Colorado…

CJ Cinema Property Update – Tuesday 13 December 2016

USA: Coral Gables (FL) new Landmark, Flushing (NYC) gets cinema. CANADA: Landmark plans in East Regina. S. KOREA: MegaBox in Dongdaegu, all-laser CGV in Kwangyang. ISRAEL: Cinema City Netanya. FRANCE: Sable’s cinema in Thum, Mont-de-Marsan’s Le Grand Club, GERMANY: Luxor Filmpalast Heidelberg, Pocking 4-screen, Muckli in Aurich, Kamp-Lintfort multiplex plans, UK: Odeon Bournemouth flagship, INDIA: PVR in Vedoara, ROMANIA: Cinema City in Kamp-Lintfort. REFURBISHMENTS: Ufa-Filmpalast Cologne, Showcase Cinema de Lux Peterborough (UK), Mumbai’s Liberty, Ace Cinemas Midlands, Walsrod Capitol, Cinema Diana. OUTDOOR CINEMA: French pool cinema, German winter cinemas. CLOSURES: Reel Cinema Plymouth, Terrace Theatre. …

CJ Cinema Digest – Monday 11 July 2016

Money Monsters sink US BO, Indian cinema expand – get Atmos and Rated ‘Buy, New Beverly Cinema docu, London Gourmet Cinema Club, upgrade concession or be a dinosaur, Odeon bomb hoax, Ulmer fire, French video games cinema, Moet outdoor screening, Saigon CGV bed cinema, Landmark in NYC Via 57 West, Austria’s biggest Imax and cinema signs….

CJ Cinema Digest – Wednesday 25 May 2016

FACT 50% cut, Vista+Ster-Kinekor, Vista & Movio awards, clearance lawsuit twist, porn hijack, Kinepolis India 400 screen plans, CinemaNext in France, dog cinema, TGV Family Friendly cinema, CMX+Lettuce, 50 Shades sentence, Santokos laser and 7 learning from outdoor screenings….

Premium VoD Just Killed the Cinema Release Window

One single tweet was the final nail in the coffin of the cinema exclusivity window, given added poignancy by being in French; “100 000 locations en une semaine, rien ne sera plus comme avant” (‘100,000 viewings in a week, nothing…

Adlabs Expands Into U.S. With 200 Screens

The stereotype of the immigrant Indian convenience store worker that has kept Apu employed at the Kwik-E-Mart for the past 17 years on ‘The Simpsons‘ may soon have to be changed to that of the immigrant Indian concession stand employee….

Landmark Cinema’s COO Goes CEO

Landmark Theatres’ chief operating officer Ted Mundorff has been promoted to the post of CEO, putting him in charge of the 58 properties in 28 US markets. From Variety article: Former CEO Bill Banowsky will continue to develop business opportunities…

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