For Future Presentation: Experience Next-Generation Technology With Sony at CineEurope

Sony CLEDIS Display

HDR-ready 4K laser phosphor projector and Crystal LED display solution demonstrated at Europe’s leading cinema trade show

Basingstoke, UK ( June 14, 2017 ) -

Sony Digital Cinema 4K returns to CineEurope with an exciting display of how next-generation movie presentation could look.

Join us from 20-22 June at the CCIB in Barcelona, where we’re previewing a brand new HDR-ready projector using a long-lasting phosphor laser light source to present spectacular 4K images.

Pricing and availability for the new 4K laser phosphor projector are yet to be confirmed. Demonstrations are being held hourly by invitation, during tradeshow hours from Tuesday 20 June to Thursday 22 June.

All audio solutions for the Sony laser demonstrations during CineEurope are being kindly provided by Alcons Audio

Cinema without projectors: Crystal LED display hints at a boothless future
Sony Digital Cinema 4K is also inviting CineEurope delegates to project themselves into the future. Our high-contrast Crystal LED display system gives an exciting hint of the possibilities for next-generation cinematic exhibition.

The revolutionary solution uses individual display modules that can be seamlessly ‘tiled’ with no visible gaps or borders. This allows creation of a huge, totally flat screen with virtually unlimited dimensions and aspect ratio to suit any size of auditorium.

Sony’s groundbreaking Crystal LED technology allows ‘projector-free’ images of extraordinary clarity, with enormous colour range and contrast, plus impressive brightness and ultra-fast response time. A matrix of minute surface-mounted LEDs achieves an extremely high contrast ratio, whether the display’s being viewed in light or dark environments. Totally eliminating the need for a projection booth, exhibitors can make improved use of their existing real estate or open screens in hitherto unsuitable spaces. And with a virtually 180 degree viewing angle, patrons can enjoy an uncompromised movie experience from every seat in the house.

“At Sony we’ve always had a clear picture how digital cinema is meant to be”, says David McIntosh, Vice President, Sony Digital Cinema 4K Solutions for Europe and the Americas.

“Right from our introduction of the world’s first DCI-compliant 4K projector, Sony innovation has always been driven by a very clear goal – ultimate picture quality and even more unforgettable experiences for audiences. And at CineEurope this year we’re giving a taste of what tomorrow might look like for cinema owners.”

About Sony Digital Cinema 4K
Sony Digital Cinema 4K gives audiences an entertainment experience they’ll never forget in 2D or 3D.

There’s a complete family of Sony 4K projection systems to suit every cinema operator, from small boutique screens to the largest multiplex. All our easy-to-use projectors deliver 4K resolution images that viewers love, bursting with rich colour and industry-leading 8000:1 average contrast ratio. Sony’s SRX-R500 series of projectors are also HDR-ready, meeting brightness and contrast requirements for screening the latest 4K movies mastered for High Dynamic Range presentation.

Spectacular 4K images are matched by impressively low running costs. The long-lasting HPM multi-lamp array in all our SRX-R500 Series projectors is more energy efficient than traditional Xenon lamps, reducing routine maintenance and cutting the risk of revenue-threatening dark screens.

A compelling choice for the big screens, our Premium Large Format (PLF) projection solution outshines costly first generation laser systems, with unrivalled 4K picture quality at light levels up to 60,000 lumens. Currently in development, a ground-breaking new generation RGB 4K laser projector from Sony Digital Cinema will give theatre owners an additional choice of light source for presenting HDR-ready images in 2D or smooth, immersive 3D on the largest screens.

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