CJ Cinema News Digest – Wednesday 22 February 2017

“1984” US cinema protest, Landmark <3 recliners, not VR & laser, CNC flexible on windows, Lotte in missile trouble and launches VIP coupons, UCI Italy ‘blind date’ ticket, Secret Cinema oyster poisoning, iPic $250 champagne, man eats trout in cinema,…

CJ Cinema Digest – Friday 12 August 2016

Brexit hits Cineworld, Cineplex Q2 down, Inox down, Odeon questions, Rialto yard sale, Cineworld carbon monoxide scare, NCMI Q2 down, India censor leakage, Optishell anti-piracy, Everyman opening, Nord-Sud refurb and gas-lit cinema in Leeds….

CJ Cinema Digest – Monday 1 August 2016

Golem’s Moreno dead, Villette outdoor cinemas held indoors, Cameron on cinema, Ukraine & Russia cinema laws, Cinemedia insolvent, Secret Cinema “Dirty” BO haul, Andr√© Rieu record, Cinemark gun incident, Regal robbery, MIT glasses-free 3D, AMC to teach Odeon concessions, Argentina concessions smuggling, Barco Escape “Star Trek”, Epic seating, Cineworld opening and chicken in cinema. …

CJ Cinema Digest – Wednesday 15 June 2016

Bad BO summer start, Odeon praise, Forbes in Vista COO, Kannada cinemas, 3D HFR Atmos opera, Cogavin interview, Screenvision DPAA partnership, Inox ‘unsafe’, cemetery cinema, Cineco deal, Hollywood Megaplex new Imax, Carmike Wynnsong re-opening and Sickert cinema. …

CJ Cinema Digest – Friday 3 June 2016

Stellar buys ticketing biz, AMC buys Carmike ‘cheap’, Malaysian islamists block cinema, PVR cuts DT price, German cinemas make peace with Disney, Odeon Q1, Secret Cinema’s 28 Days numbers, Euro football in cinemas, live events in 48% of UK cinemas, MediCinema and ‘Eating Healthy’ in Cinema City Jerusalem (for one day)…

CJ Cinema Digest – Friday 27 May 2016

X-Men Snapchat tickets, PVR halts expansion, Odeon to expand, BFI to expand, Cineworld grows in H1, Indonesian cinema set for growth, Rio strike, Deptford appeal, FNE’s CotM is Romuva, Arcadia’s Meyer Leopard sound, Almeida Richard III event cinema, Branagh’s Bard broadcast, QBIC opening, ShowCase refurb, Omniplex appeal and the importance of cinema marquees….

CJ Cinema Digest – Monday 23 May 2016

Cinemaxx Junior, Odeon rumours, Cannes digital, Cineworld Tesco ¬£2 deal, Danish cinema boom, DCM Awards, Rhodes’ Vox ThEATre, Showcase expansion and Sleepover Cinema….

CJ Cinema Digest – Wednesday 9 March 2016

PVR hits 500 screens, Odeon goes Limitless, French record February, missing Uruguayan audiences, Imagine Lightvibed Dragons, bomb hoaxes and cops in cinemas, Kirkuk cinema hope and Gold Class….

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