Daily Cinema Digest – Friday 20 February 2015

By Patrick von Sychowski | February 20, 2015 3:03 am PST

Cineworld has been fined a total of £9,500 and ordered to pay £2,573 costs after two of its staff were given potentially fatal electric shocks by a faulty popcorn machine. Defending Cineworld Kathryn Turner said the exhibitor “has an exemplary record with no previous convictions.” Technically true, but the same Cineworld site had a cockroach infestation in 2014 and staff were allegedly told to hush up the issue.

Staff at Cineworld in East Didsbury failed to prevent a second worker suffering a potentially lethal shock by switching off the wrong machine, a court heard.

The cinema chain has now been convicted of a breach of health and safety laws for the first time in its history after the incident on December 4, 2013.

The machine, which keeps popcorn warm, was being switched on by a member of staff working at the theatre at Parrs Wood shortly after 11am when he suffered a shock.  LINK

PVR Sathyam deal called off

India – So far only a rumour but money control.com claims that the PVR-Sathyam deal may be off.

One of the largest M&A deals in the multiplex space has been called off. Sources say PVR ‘s ambitious plans to buy Chennai-based Sathyam Cinemas has been shelved.

PVR was supposed to buy Sathyam for Rs 1200 crore. According to sources, the deal got called off due to concerns over valuation.

Sources also add that Cinepolis Group is now likely to buyout Sathyam Cinemas. Cinepolis Group recent bought Fun Cinemas.  LINK

Vue Gfinity sSport

UK – After the announcement earlier this week that Showcase will be selling GBP £10 tickets for people to watch Halo 2, Vue has now announced a partnership with Gfinity for a dedicated eSports venue in one of its London multiplexes. Let’s hope Gfinity’s eSport enthusiasts also like popcorn and Coke.

The company has struck a deal with Vue to convert part of its Fulham Broadway cinema into the ‘Gfinity Arena,’ which will accommodate 600 spectators across three custom-built stages. While it’s not an entirely new building, organisers hope it’ll stand apart with a dedicated ticketing hall, entrances and confectionary stands. The doors are set to open next month and Gfinity has already scheduled 25 competitions up until September, covering games such as Halo, Call of Duty and Starcraft II. Renting space from Vue is obviously cheaper than building a stadium from scratch, but for Gfinity that’s not the only perk. The pair say they’ll be working together to promote future eSports events and will look at expanding the model into other Vue locations. LINK

Russia popcron

Russia – Putin may have decided against banning Hollywood film, but it seems like Russian cinema will no longer be buying popping corn from Iowa in favour of local grains.

Russian cinema bars are going to make popcorn of domestic products because of ruble depreciation and the ban on food imports introduced by Moscow in retaliation to western sanctions. This cinema-goers’ main dish, package, crisps and salt and sweet additives of Russian produce will substitute the imported products.

“On the one hand, the purchase price is increasing, on the other hand, the purchasing power or at least the willing to spend money is decreasing. Cinemas used to be too conservative towards Russian production for a long time, but since August they have begun to purchase it more,” the head of the concessions Department of the Delovaya Rus company Yulia Pyshnenko told the Izvestia newspaper. LINK

Diplomat screen Thailand

Thailand – The exhibitor with the self-proclaimed highest installation spend per seat in the world – more than half a million Thai Bath, or USD $15,300, per seat for its new 200 seat complex – hopes to be profitable within four, not seven, years.

EXECUTIVE Cinema Corporation has set the payback target for its investment in the five-screen Embassy Diplomat multiplex at under four years, which is much quicker than about seven years for other cinemas.

Managing director Jim Patterson said yesterday that the company is also looking for opportunities to develop first-class cinemas in other big cities, such as Phuket, that have a strong premium catchment area, good strategic partners, such as landlords and sponsors, and more than 10 million people on average.

Opened about eight months ago on the sixth floor of Central Embassy shopping complex on Phloenchit Road in central Bangkok, Embassy Diplomat Screens has five all-VIP theatres featuring the best equipment and amenities.  LINK

Cinepolis India

Mexico – Attitudes to cinema going in Mexico have been revealed in a survey of 100 people by the Gabinete de Comunicación Estratégica (GCE), which found that the majority consider going to the cinema to be either “very expensive” or plain “expensive.”

A 64.8 percent totals the number of respondents who choose to enjoy films at home, while another 29.9 percent argues that “there is nothing like watching movies in cinema”.

Cost is another factor that generates opposing positions, for while 18.1 percent believe that a movie is very expensive and 49.2 percent which is expensive, it looks cheap feels 14.8 and 1.2 percent even claims is very cheap.

Among respondents who do not go to the movies, 25.6 percent reason given the lack of time, 19.9 percent exposes you do not like and 18.4 percent, there are no rooms near you.

Others, 14.3 percent argue that it is expensive and not enough money, 9.6 percent prefer to stay home to watch movies, 3.0 percent complain that disability or health complicates go and 2.3 percent have no one to accompany them.  LINK

Affiche BNP Parisbas

France – French bank BNP Parisbas’ sponsorship of cinema continues in its second decade.

For the 11th consecutive year, BNP Paribas is the Spring of Cinema partner that will take place from 22 to 24 March 2015. It was three days of cinema in the single price of 3.50 euros * the session for all spectators, all films All meetings and in all participating cinemas.

BNP Paribas, the exclusive partner of movie promotion operations in theaters, extend the operation of 25 to 31 March 2015 included, offering over 330,000 countermarks its customers and prospects.

Countermark BNP Paribas holders will be eligible for an additional 7 days for a single price of 3.50 euros * the session.  LINK

Kantana Cineplex

Thailand – Ambitious plans for small rural community based cinemas across South-East Asia have been scaled back by this venture.

Kantana Group, which planned to build 1,000 community cinemas in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar by 2014, said it is now only going to build 300 following economic stagnation and political uncertainty in Thailand, the Bangkok Post reported.

“With many negative factors, we missed our target of 1,000 cinemas by the end of 2014. Instead, we formed joint ventures with local investors to build only 40 cinemas in some provinces [in Thailand],” Kantana chairman Jaruek Kaljaruek told the Bangkok Post.  LINK

Saudi Arabia cinema

Saudi Arabia – The second ever film festival in seven years in the only major country in the world not to have any cinemas.

More than 60 short films will compete for “Golden Palm Tree” trophies crowning best drama, documentary and student film categories at a gala event attended by film and television celebrities from around the Arab world, festival director Ahmad Al Mulla said.

Saudi Arabia does not permit conventional entertainment venues such as cinemas so screenings will take place in an arts centre in the Gulf coast city of Dammam.

Organisers said they hope the five-day festival will open eyes in Saudi Arabia to the possibilities of film despite objections from some conservatives that cinema will “Westernise” the kingdom or corrupt its morals.  LINK

Fifty Shades of Grey

Barnsley Parkway cinema

UK (Yorkshire) – Fisticuff fights between two gangs of women at a Valentine’s Day screening of FSOG.

A screening of hit-film Fifty Shades of Grey turned ugly when two gangs of women clashed in the cinema aisles.

The screaming match took place at Barnsley’s Parkway cinema during the Valentine’s Day showing of E.L. James’ raunchy blockbuster.

The row became so heated it drowned out the closing soundtrack of the movie – which meant many disgruntled cinema-goers missed the climax.  LINK

The man who was allegedly attacked by three drunk women at a FSOG screening in Glasgow lost his mother the following day.

The victim, 56, was attacked in front of his 51-year-old wife at a Valentine’s night screening of the raunchy movie at the Grosvenor Cinema in Glasgow.

The attack made worldwide headlines after appearing in the Daily Record this week.

Now it has emerged the man, who had asked the drunken women to stop shouting over the film, is mourning his mum after she died the next day.  LINK

Health & Safety

Houdini fire Dolby glasses
Dolby glasses lie in the burnt Houdini cinema (photo: Goran Basic / NZZ)

Switzerland – Tuesday’s fire at Zurich’s Kino Houdini, which caused hundreds if thousands of Swizz franc’s worth of damage, is suspected to have been caused by faulty wiring in the bar.

Although the fire did not reach the homes that are above the cinema. Nevertheless, about 40 residents had to be evacuated because of heavy smoke in the stairwell and in many parts of the building. They found in a building opposite the hideout and could in the course of the morning back to their homes. The fire occurred disabilities in morning traffic. The Baden Street was closed off to 10 clock between Kalkbreitestrasse and Seebahnstrasse. Tram lines 2 and 3 could not drive their regular route. There were replacement buses in use.

According to initial guesses of the fire is at the bar of the cinema. A technical defect is said to have caused the fire, according to Wanzek. “The cause of the fire is but clarified further in more detail.” There, where until recently martinis and gin and tonics sold over the counter, bar stools and the charred blackened screen of modern barge are only to be seen. From the tap drips stale beer. On the top floor there is the fire still warm and stuffy. In a heap on the’ve worn a large part of the damaged equipment to the outside during the firefighting firefighters, located next to the scree a semi-molten 3-D glasses.  LINK

Law & Order

Daniel Roach

Australia – A man has been sentenced to seven years in jail for robbing a cinema and other places of business in Sydney.

Daniel Roach, 24, stormed Roseville Cinemas wielding an axe in September 2013 with his girlfriend and two other men, one of whom was armed with a sawn-off shotgun.

They made off with $500 cash before robbing a Revesby pub hours later.  LINK


Christie 6P laser

The Netherlands – Christies’ 6P laser projector has picked up major innovation awards in Amsterdam.

Christie® earned two highly prestigious awards for technical innovation at this year’s ISE Show in Amsterdam last week. Christie’s 6P laser technology was voted the ‘AV Innovation of the Year’ by leading British based trade journal, ‘AV News.’ The award recognizes the contribution made by individuals and teams to the development of the AV business, and marks the arrival of new technologies that will have a significant effect on the AV industry.

The mission set out by Christie 6P laser projection was to redefine the 3D cinema experience by delivering the optimum 14 fl to 3D along with no motion artifacts. It provides unprecedented brightness and smooth, natural viewing with stunning uniformity and detail.  LINK


Enrique Macho Spain

Spain – Enrique González Macho, the controversial president of the Spanish Cinema Academy, who fought against piracy and 21% VAT on cinema tickets is stepping down.

Strong supporter of Spanish cinema, four-year career Gonzalez Macho leading the institution has focused primarily on combating piracy and measures to combat government of Mariano Rajoy, especially the rise of cultural VAT at 21 %. His fight against illegal downloads, however, was considered by many to be a delay with respect to the ideology of its predecessor, the filmmaker Álex of the Church and staunch defender of Internet. Thus, the change of business model that arose during its inception in front of the Academy was highly questioned. Without going any further, his first speech at the gala Goya (2012), which argued that “Internet is not part of the economic activity of cinema” and “Internet is no substitute or supplement to the movies” He managed to raise blisters and provoked widespread criticism among members of the Association of Internet Users, who commented that “there is so blind as those who will not see.” LINK


50 Shades Japan

Japan – For a country that produced “Ai No Korida” Japan takes a surprisingly safe approach in releasing two versions of “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

This work, adult love story depicting the perverted love pattern of the young CEO gray giants (Jamie Dornan) and love inexperienced college student Ana (Dakota Johnson). To be able to watch more of the people in Japan, and has been published in the R15 + specification plus some retouching for sensual or provocative depiction, “I want to see the R18 + version” from female fans of more than 20 years of age ” for voice, that more want to be screened something close to the original “was number submitted, was hastily decided R18 + version of the limited screenings.

R18 + version is being screenings, TOHO Cinemas date drama, TOHO Cinemas Nagoya Bay City, TOHO Cinemas Nijo, TOHO Cinemas Umeda, TOHO Cinemas Tenjin, from Ladies Day nationwide 6 Museum (February 25 of Sapporo Cinema Frontier, but Sapporo only February 28 ~ R15 + and R18 + combination screening). More sweet, it is more sensual, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy a more exciting world.  LINK

Cinema Opening/Closings

Everyman Leeds

UK – Expectations are high for the new Everyman Cinema in Leeds.

Everyman Cinema will open at The Mailbox on Friday, February 27.

The luxurious chain of cinemas has already proved popular with movie-goers at various locations across London, as well as Winchester and Leeds.

Flick through our pictures from the The Everyman Cinema in Leeds – which will give you a flavour of what we might expect from the plush new screens when they open in Birmingham.  LINK

Cinema not flats in Victorian building

UK – Terrific to see community action result in such a gorgeous cinema.

A derelict Victorian schoolhouse has been re-opened as a cinema following a community campaign to stop the conversion into flats of the site in the heart of Rye’s conservation area.

The school, which was last used as a library and adult education centre, re-opened as the Kino Rye last month following a £1.4 million project designed by Jonathan Dunn Architects, which has an office in the town.

Residents of the east Sussex town set up a campaign to thwart plans to build new flats on the site of the school, which had lain empty for several years.  LINK

Keystone cinema

Canada (Manitoba) – The new Keystone cinema in Steinbach is opening this weekend and it looks terrific.

The former Keystone Cinema was demolished in 2012 to make room for Steinbach Credit Union’s expansion plans. It was the only theatre in Steinbach.

The new city-owned venue is part of the $6.7 million first phase of Steinbach’s multiplex project.  LINK

The Light Riverside

UK – The Light has conformed a new cinema location.

The Light Cinemas, which was founded in Romania but now has two cinemas in the UK and one in Germany, has been confirmed as the latest occupant of the Thetford Riverside Project, led by Breckland Council.

The scheme is set to include cafes, restaurants, a hotel and cinema. Travelodge have already been confirmed as the hotel.

Keith Pullinger, chief executive of The Light Cinemas, said it was hoped the cinema would open in early 2017.  LINK

Odeon Milton Keynes

UK – Odeon brags about how many new jobs its state-of-the art cinema in Milton Keynes has created. Obviously you can’t automate rubbish collection.

ODEON has created more than 60 new jobs in the Milton Keynes community as it prepares to open its brand new state-of-the-art flagship cinema this month.

The new cinema, which will contain 11 screens, including a custom designed IMAX®, now has a team of over 70 people.

From audio and visual technicians to retail staff and cleaners, the team will bring one of the most technologically advanced cinemas in the country to Milton Keynes with the aim of entertaining the public like never before.  LINK

Vue Walsall

UK – Delays for the opening of the Vue cinema in Walsall.

The development, for a nine-screen Vue cinema and restaurants in Littleton Street West, creating 200 jobs, started at the end of last year. It was intended for the complex to open later this year. But the need to carry out sewer works has meant progress has stalled on the site.

Bosses behind the scheme say it will realistically be 2016 when the £12 million complex launches.

They have blamed the delay on a change in design to one of the restaurant units, where Asian buffet chain Mimosa plans to open a 370-seater restaurant.  LINK

Toho Cinema8 Eniwa

Japan – Toho cinema in Eniwa, the town’s only movie house, may be closing before this summer.

Eniwa Toiso complex movie facilities (cinema complex), it became clear that Eniwa-Toho Cinema 8 is considering closing of the end of May. Although Toho Hokkaido operated (headquarters Sapporo) have to be “anything not be able to answer”, the part of the officials have told its intention to withdraw from the orthotopic, can be seen to be announced as soon as determined officially.

Same cinema complex opened in July 2000, I was attracted attention as the province’s first foray Toho cinema complex. Has a street eight of the screen of the name, number of seats boast about 1500 seats. Cowboy (at the time) built a floor area of ??about 4400 square meters of facilities, the Toho has been operated in the form of tenant occupancy.  LINK

Havana Chaplin Cinema

Cuba – It’s curtains for one of Havana’s greatest cinemas.

Days ago, I received the sad news that Havana’s Charles Chaplin Theater had ceased to be Cuba’s Cinematheque. The cinema operated as such for over fifty years and, in my view, fulfilled its task. On January 1st, the Cinematheque was moved to the smaller 23rd y 12th Street movie theater a block away.

At the Chaplin, I was exposed to film directors and masters such as Alfred Hitchcock, Kurosawa, Bergman and Scorsese. I entered Tarkovsky’s magic world with Solaris and The Mirror.  LINK


Ace Hotel Los Angeles

The Independent has a list of the world’s top six hotels that were built in a converted cinema or where a cinema is part of the hotel. We love the all.

Ace Hotel, Los Angeles

This building in Downtown LA started life in 1927 as a United Artists film studio. Today, it houses the Ace Hotel, incorporating the restored United Artists Theatre, which is immense with three storeys and 1,600 seats. It’s intricately decorated with a vaulted ceiling and an ornate balcony festooned with thousands of mirrors. Bedrooms are the exact opposite: classically cool with bare walls, wood floors and, in some, acoustic guitars. Suites have kitchenettes and stand-alone baths.

929 S Broadway Street, Los Angeles, California, US (001 213 623 3233; acehotel.com/losangeles). Doubles from $229 (£149), room only.  LINK

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