CJ Cinema New Digest – Friday 20 January 2017

China Film buying Ymagis stake, Warburg Pincus buys PVR stake, Mamut want to buy Cinema Park, Webedia buys Peach, Polish 11-year olds exposed to sexologist in cinema. cheap UK cinema tickets guide, interviews with Cinemaxx’s Carsten Horn, Secret Cinema Fabien Riggell, Showtime Analytics’ Ritchie Power, Coca-Cola-National Amusements agreement, Christie Vive Audio 500th with Cinemex, AAM at Sundance (Dolby too), “Hidden Figures” screening for disadvantaged families….

China Cinema News – Thursday 19 January 2017

Chinese screens sit empty, Tier 3 & 4 cities screens grow but not BO, Bona-Huayi-Enlight production pipeline worries, China cinema plateau predicted, Baidu to improve cinema advertising, Manpower raises cinema acquisition fund, is smog hurting BO, cinema consolidation ahead, Wanda 2016 profits up, China Film Critics Association formed, Shanghai Art Film Union grows and a 1905.com private cinema impresses….

CJ Cinema News Digest – Wednesday 18 January 2017

CGV Blits is now CGV Cinemas, Curzon wins BAFTA, VIP screens in UAE, 50+ screen in Qatar next six months, Mizrahi talks Ymagis at Oddo, Russian BO up in 2016, Art House Convergence underway & Ira Deutchman wins award, man falls form Cinema De Lux roof, PVR heart attack death during “Dangal”, hatchet man arrested in Glasgow, KY cinema and why bad films release in January. …

Huayi Bros Targets Wanda With Dadi Investment

The rivalry between the Dalien Wanda and Huayi Brothers is intensifying, with Huayi investing CNY ¥78.85 million (USD $11.5 million) for 95 million shares in Dadi Cinemas, China’s second largest cinema chain. The deal gives Huayi Bros a 4.56% stake…

CJ Cinema Property Update – Tuesday 17 January 2017

China: Beijing luxury cinema, 83rd CFGS PLF screen opens, Indonesia: Cinemaxx Junior, USA: Alamo Cinco Ranch, Switzerland: Stücki mall transformed to cinema, Germany: Esso to become Capitol, Ireland: Solas building resumes, UK: Odeon Bournemouth preview, Dover work starts, South Port community cinema. Re-opening/Refurbs: Erlangen’s Manhattan goes VIP, Helios Gorzowa work completed, Islington residents don’t want a VIP Carlton re-opened, Blackpool’s Regent gets more couple seats, Hot Springs VIP cinema, Pocono makeover, Storfors & Blackeberga re-open cinemas. Closing: Tokyo’s New Hachioji Cinema, Ibiza’s Cine Serra demolished….

CJ Cinema News Digest – Monday 16 January 2016

KSeraSera in piracy trouble (again), Cinepedia launched, Saudi cleric blasts cinema, Punjab cinemas get tax holiday extension, Kerala cinema stop striking, Hamburg dual-audio language cinema world first, vegans hijack Event Cinemas choctop poll, Warmth Week outdoor cinema in Manchester….

CJ Cinema News Digest – Friday 13 January 2017

Cineworld revenue up, record Korean BO year, good Dutch BO too, quotas urged for Thai films, Danish cinema misbehaviour, SF flagship cinema closed by leak, ECA Award nominations announced, “Call of Duty” at Cineplex cinemas, Stockholm’s Bio Capitol hits 4000% Kickstarter goal. …

CJ China Cinema News – Thursday 12 January 2017

CJ China Cinema News is back, looking at stolen BO, consolidation in 2017, staffing & training woes, a Trump year ahead, BBC goes Imax, Wanda opens 200th Imax screen, lost iPhones, private cinema prosecuted, China Intercom and Dadi, plus blind “see” cinema….

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