CJ Cinema Digest – Wednesday 8 June 2016

Facebook Live pirate streaming, Indian cinema stocks expensive, Luxe Cinema podcast, Houdini opens IT doors, cinema fires in New Zealand & Pakistan, Batman sex couple avoid jail, Alamo Kids menu, Indian cinema food, Patrick McClymont new Imax CFO, Bristol Floating Cinema, Bern cinema deaths, IFI cinema for the blind….

Daily Cinema Digest – Friday 20 February 2015

Cineworld has been fined a total of £9,500 and ordered to pay £2,573 costs after two of its staff were given potentially fatal electric shocks by a faulty popcorn machine. Defending Cineworld Kathryn Turner said the exhibitor “has an exemplary record…

Daily Cinema Digest – Wednesday 17 February 2015

AMC has published its 2014 Q4 and year-end figures and though admissions and ticket sales were down, F&B revenue was up as the exhibitor continues to focus on the “guest experience.” Highlights for the fourth quarter 2014 include the following:…

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