CJ Cinema News Digest – Friday 27 January 2017

Japan 2016 BO up 8%, record Kiwi BO year, Major Cineplex to add 80 screens, Atom Tickets partners Bow Tie Cinemas, Mars renews Sony 4K wows, Bollywood back in Pakistani cinemas, PVR wants to buy 100 screens, Christie RGB laser with Major Cineplex and Taiwan Showtime Cinemas, Severtsons SAT-4K screen, VIP Cinema Seating can make 2,000 luxury seats day, George Scheckel joins Power Technology, RIP Michael Stirling, power outage at Glasgow Cineworld and ScarJo Yummy Pop popcorn – we want it in cinemas!…

CJ Cinema News Digest – Friday 13 January 2017

Cineworld revenue up, record Korean BO year, good Dutch BO too, quotas urged for Thai films, Danish cinema misbehaviour, SF flagship cinema closed by leak, ECA Award nominations announced, “Call of Duty” at Cineplex cinemas, Stockholm’s Bio Capitol hits 4000% Kickstarter goal. …

CJ Cinema Digest – Friday 28 October 2016

China BO slowdown, Curzon CEO sees decline, PVR & INOX Q2 down, AMC Q3 up, Cineworld VIP in Glasgow, Celebration re-seating, sleep-in cinema, Coke renews with GSC, VieShow CineAsia award, sensory ‘Alamo For All’, AMC Stubbs election night and “highbrow” pop-up porn cinema in London….

CJ Cinema Digest – Monday 19 September 2016

Indian cinemas love online ticketing, UNIC-CICAE statement, GSC for sale, Imax VR details, Everyman to double, PVR NCDs for acquisition, Cinepolis India to spend & grow, Italy €2 cinema scheme a hit, Madrid €6 cinema, Argentina cinema on curriculum, EclairColor in Deauville, Numero win Roadside, SmartPricer expands UCI trial, West Africa’s first Imax, oral sex in cinema, TIFF film too ‘Raw’, Imax in Asfotd, Picturehouse in Chester, Berlin’s Delphi Lux, Regal Hamilton 8, save Curzon Mayfair, Wellington’s ‘secret’ 38-seat cinema for sale. …

CJ Cinema Digest – Friday 12 August 2016

Brexit hits Cineworld, Cineplex Q2 down, Inox down, Odeon questions, Rialto yard sale, Cineworld carbon monoxide scare, NCMI Q2 down, India censor leakage, Optishell anti-piracy, Everyman opening, Nord-Sud refurb and gas-lit cinema in Leeds….

CJ Cinema Digest – Wednesday 3 August 2016

Cinépolis grows in the US, Imax Private Theatre in Dubai, Ptmind & Cinema City track traffic, AAM + Jinyi GuangMei, Unique + Cinedavis, Bangkok Cineplex fire, Cineworld blackout angers, Romeo & Juliette seen both ways, Spencer Klein awarded, Basildon Estate cinema plans dropped, Edinburgh old Odeon plans announced, Blackpool’s Regent re-opens, Gaumont’s Ambassade on Champs-Élysées closes and pets go to Cinesa. …

CJ Cinema Digest – Wednesday 29 June 2016

Wanda Dolby Cinema, ‘Meet Me at Kinepolis’ app, Art House Theatre Day, Cineworld & Imax, $400K home Imax, Ecco & Gofilex, too saucy Sausage Party trailer, Downtown Cinemas Coastland, Welsh youth want cinema, Kinepolis in Spain and Newark’s last porn cinema….

CJ Cinema Digest – Friday 27 May 2016

X-Men Snapchat tickets, PVR halts expansion, Odeon to expand, BFI to expand, Cineworld grows in H1, Indonesian cinema set for growth, Rio strike, Deptford appeal, FNE’s CotM is Romuva, Arcadia’s Meyer Leopard sound, Almeida Richard III event cinema, Branagh’s Bard broadcast, QBIC opening, ShowCase refurb, Omniplex appeal and the importance of cinema marquees….

CJ Cinema Digest – Monday 23 May 2016

Cinemaxx Junior, Odeon rumours, Cannes digital, Cineworld Tesco £2 deal, Danish cinema boom, DCM Awards, Rhodes’ Vox ThEATre, Showcase expansion and Sleepover Cinema….

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