TCL Chinese Theatre will Reopen Outfitted with MediaMation’s “SafeTSeat”

MediaMation's new product, SafeTSeat

Experience Cinemas in Safety

Los Angeles, California ( September 18, 2020 ) -

California-based MediaMation, Inc., creators of MX4D Motion EFX Theatres introduces their new product, SafeTSeat. They have teamed up with TCL Chinese Theatres to install “safety” seating mechanisms to their theatres as they plan to reopen. SafeTSeat is a plexiglass barrier between the seats allowing for separation and social distancing while attending standard and MX4D Motion EFX theatres.

The SafeTSeat is designed for safety and customer confidence as patrons attend theatres, auditoriums, stadiums or event venues. SafeTSeat is one of the first protective device designed especially for public seating. It will give patrons a feeling of more security and safety while enjoying the experience. Using this ensures specified seats remain empty, guaranteeing social distancing, while the clear view provides the shared group and immersive experience without feeling confined.

TCL Chinese Theatre is currently outfitted with one of MediaMation’s MX4D Motion EFX and eSports conversion theatres.

“We are planning to initiate a safety protocol for customers that are as good if not better than that of our peers. The SafeTSeat is among the key components that will help make the plan an industry standard as we await permission from the County to reopen,” says a rep for the TCL Chinese Theatres.

About MediaMation, Inc.
For nearly 30 years, MediaMation, Inc. has provided innovative technological solutions to the Cinema and Themed Entertainment and Amusements market and expanded to the Esports and VR industry in recent years. MediaMation is an interactive technology company and a worldwide, leading supplier and manufacturer of patented technology for 4D Motion EFX theatres and seats, including its MX4D Motion EFX technology, with over installations worldwide. MediaMation also designs and implements turnkey creative solutions for complex shows, rides, exhibits, fountain shows, etc. for theme parks, zoos, aquariums, museums, cinemas and FECs.

About TCL Chinese Theatre
Since 1927, The TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX has been the home of the most important, star powered red carpet movie premieres and special events, where Hollywood’s biggest and brightest talents have come to watch their movies. The most famous movie theatre on the globe is world-renowned for its unique forecourt of the stars, featuring cement hand and footprints of major movie stars, from Marilyn Monroe to Brad Pitt, and numerous stars from all eras of Hollywood. In addition to being a major international tourist destination, the TCL Chinese Theatre, and its six adjacent cinemas, the TCL Chinese 6, are everyday working movie theatres, hosting millions of moviegoers year round. The TCL Chinese Theatre was declared a historic-cultural landmark in 1968, and there has always been a restoration program in process to maintain the theatre’s beauty. With its current, on-going facelift and new name and new added amenities and event spaces, guided by a new and vigorous ownership team, the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX and its famed “hands and footprints in cement” forecourt will continue to be the preferred location for tourist visits and the entertainment industry’s most prestigious red carpet premieres. In 2013, the main theatre was relaunched as the world’s largest IMAX theatre.