MoviePass Closes Several Studio and Exhibitor Deals


MoviePass Finalizes Partnerships for Revenue Sharing Programs With More Than 1,000 Theater Screens and Several Major Studios

New York ( February 12, 2018 ) -

Helios & Matheson Analytics Inc. (NASDAQ: HMNY), a provider of information technology services and solutions and a majority owner of MoviePass, today announced that MoviePass had, in the last several weeks, signed multiple contracts on both per-title and slate-wide bases with several Hollywood studios and independent distributors.

With the introduction of these new services, MoviePass delivers on revenue beyond its base of more than 2 million subscribers, allowing studios and distributors to more accurately target spending for advertising, reach the right audiences more effectively, and identify the most effective markets for special events.

The relationships with studios and distributors are currently producing revenue in the following areas:

  • Advertising and consumer turnout
  • A/B testing of sales of DVDs and streaming with similar content
  • A suite of services for A/B testing for marketing creative
  • Audience attribution
  • Exclusive fan-based events

Theaters and exhibitors that partner with MoviePass, are using features only available on the MoviePass platform to help drive consumers to films and events.

Additionally, studios utilize MoviePass platform marketing techniques such as:

  • Email marketing
  • Targeted push notifications
  • Custom premium title placement within the MoviePass application
  • Other features based on individual MoviePass subscriber movie-going behavior

Exhibitor benefits when partnered with MoviePass include:

  • Priority theater placement in the MoviePass application
  • E-Ticketing – No MoviePass card needed – box office purchases
  • Marketing opportunities within the MoviePass application

“Partnering with MoviePass allows us to provide a value option to a segment of our customers that doesn’t impact our traditional pricing structure,” says Michael Barstow, Director of Analytics and Business Development at Main Street Theatres, Inc., an exhibitor with about 50 screens nationwide. “We are a small exhibitor circuit and MoviePass is another piece of the puzzle that elevates us above our competitors and helps us to better serve movie-goers. MoviePass is rapidly growing its customer base in our markets and we decided that we wanted to be their theater. Since partnering with MoviePass, we have had multiple customers reach out to us and thank us for being the only e-ticketing partner in their market.”

Bernadette McCabe, Senior Vice President of Exhibitor Relations & Business Strategy at MoviePass, has been spearheading strategic initiatives to educate exhibitors about the service that MoviePass provides. “We are striving to be good partners to exhibitors and they are starting to see the value in MoviePass. Our MoviePass-specific marketing efforts help drive people to our exhibitor’s partners’ theaters and enhances the movie-going experience for their customers. Every person we drive to a theater allows the exhibitors to take in possible incremental revenue from concession sales and other theater-specific revenue streams, so we continue to benefit the movie-going ecosystem.”

“We are thrilled to see that the studios and exhibitors have embraced MoviePass.” Says Mitch Lowe: “For the first time, studios, distributors and movie theaters have been able to innovate beyond their traditional marketing and advertising tools. They now can move from impression-driven advertising model to a model based solely on conversions. In the old days, the studios would pay advertising dollars without the ability to track results. With the MoviePass platform, the studios pay MoviePass only when the MoviePass subscriber goes to the movie. This is the most targeted and direct advertising that Hollywood has ever had at the studio level.”

“We always knew from day one that MoviePass was about big data and understanding the movie-goer’s habits – and being able to monetize that data,” said Ted Farnsworth Chairman and CEO of Helios and Matheson Analytics, Inc. “Now, not only has this been verified, but it is quickly becoming a widely accepted way to market and brand new films in Hollywood. We are excited to be a part of a new revolution in this sector.”

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