Eclair Versioning & Accessibility Joins the Entertainment Globalization Association (EGA)

Eclair Versioning & Accessibility has joined the newly formed Entertainment Globalisation Agency
Paris, Madrid, Berlin ( November 24, 2020 ) -

Eclair Versioning & Accessibility (EVA), the pan-European localisation services provider with facilities in France, Germany, Spain and Morocco, joined the newly created Entertainment Globalization Association (EGA).

The EGA is the first entertainment’s industry association focused specifically on Dubbing, Subtitling, and Audio Description services which allow content to be consumed in languages other than the original version. A mix of 60 industry companies, representing a variety of regions as well as reflecting the global media localisation industry diversity, have joined the EGA.

Chris Fetner, a former Netflix executive and Managing Director of the EGA said: “I feel incredibly fortunate to be given the opportunity to work with these leaders in localisation, every company in the association is an outstanding contributor to sharing stories globally, and I’m excited to see how we can all work together to help creatives share their stories more broadly”.

According to Grand View Research, the entertainment industry will experience incredible growth over the next five years that will largely be driven by expanding streaming platforms moving outside of their domestic offerings into international markets. The Entertainment Globalization Association has been formed to give creative talent a resource to build their competency around globalization and a set of motivated partners to help them entertain audiences all over the world.

EVA’s Managing Director Angel Martin said: “When Chris presented this association to us, we immediately supported the project. Managing a network of studios across key European territories, in a fast changing industry, requires new initiatives such as the EGA. Our years of experience curating Theatrical, TV and Streaming Platforms’ content to bring it to European audiences will shape our contribution to the EGA.”

About Eclair Versioning & Accessibility
With studios in France, Germany, Spain and Morocco, Eclair Versioning & Accessibility (Eclair V&A) performs localisation services, including script adaptation, voice casting, dubbing, lip-sync recording and mixing, as well as accessibility services such as live and multilingual subtitling and audio description, providing services to broadcasters, theatrical releases, S/VOD platforms, OTT channels, audiobooks and podcasts.