Eclair Versioning & Accessibility Expands Its Paris Facility and Opens a New Facility in Barcelona

Eclair Versioning & Accessibility
Paris, France & Madrid, Spain ( October 7, 2020 ) -

Eclair Versioning & Accessibility (EVA) continues its expansion plans, building a state-of-the-art, additional recording room in its Vanves (Paris, France) facility and opening a dubbing studio in Barcelona (Spain).

Showing an unquestionable commitment to its localization business and undeterred by this year’s CV-19 health challenges, Eclair Versioning & Accessibility (EVA) has added a new state-of-the-art recording room to the Vanves’ facility as part of a wider reorganisation of its Parisian studios which included changes and upgrades to a number of its recording studios.

The new room, known as “Audi 1”; occupies over 70 m2 with a volume over 325m3 and is being used both for theatrical and TV recordings. EVA’s facility in the French capital counts now with 5 “hybrid” rooms enabled both for recording and mixing, 2 rooms dedicated to recording and another 2 exclusively designed as mixing studios.

Eclair Versioning & Accessibility’s capacity in France also benefits from 3 additional studios at its Strasbourg facility.

Bouchra Alami, EVA’s French Country Manager, says: “Our teams have worked very hard during these last weeks to complete Audi 1; the initial feedback received from customers has been excellent. This addition continues the path started with Tecnison’s acquisition and the build of our Berlin studios, listening and responding to our customers’ needs”.

Building on the success of its Spanish localisation business – known as Tecnison -, Eclair Versioning & Accessibility has opened a new dubbing facility in Barcelona.

This new facility, centrally located within easy reach of public transport, and already known as Tecnison Barcelona by EVA, spreads over 3 floors. As well as ample office space, houses two traditional recording studios that have recently been upgraded and are already in full use, a 3rd recording room and 2 edit / TV mixing rooms, as well as 5 recording booths dedicated to audio-books and podcasts’ creation.

Ana Arbona, Tecnison/EVA’s Country Manager in Spain says: “Having this new, larger facility, should efficiently support our company’s growth. It adds capacity to our Spanish operation and also addresses our international customers’ needs, bringing additional flexibility.

We are all excited about this project and how it complements EVA’s existing studios’ network. Opening Tecnison in Barcelona has always been an objective for us and we are very proud of now having a studio there. Who wouldn’t want to be in Barcelona!”

EVA’s local team supervised the move, which was completed over a week-end during the summer in order to minimize any disruption. This new facility adds flexibility to EVA’s Spanish operations and it will strengthened the group’s international business.

Angel Martin, EVA’s Managing Director says: “As we continue to demonstrate every day, our commitment to the localization industry is second to none. EVA’s teams have adapted to this year’s unexpected challenges, revising workflows in response to changing circumstances and, as always, finding solutions to our customers and partners’ needs. Under these extraordinary scenarios, to have implemented studio upgrades, opened a new recording room and completed the Barcelona facility, and all in such short period of time, is result of an extraordinary effort.

We are proud of these achievements across Europe and of the trust placed by our partners in our teams.”

EVA has dubbing facilities in Vanves (Paris), Strasbourg, Berlin, Karlsruhe, Madrid and now Barcelona, as well as a team based in Rabat (Morocco). Eclair Versioning & Accessibility’s customers have access to 43 studios across 7 facilities in 3 key European territories, including 33 recording and 19 mixing rooms, 9 of which are enabled both for recording and mixing, adding greater flexibility.

About Eclair Versioning & Accessibility
Part of Ymagis Group, with offices in France, Germany, Spain and Morocco, Eclair Versioning & Accessibility (EVA) performs localization services, including script adaptation, voice casting, dubbing, lip-sync recording and mixing, as well as accessibility services such as live and multilingual subtitling and audio description, providing services to broadcasters, theatrical releases, DVD, Blu-ray, VOD/SVOD platforms, OTT channels and audiobooks.