Celluloid Junkie to Launch Cinema Industry Newsletter

Celluloid Junkie Presents The Marquee

Dolby to be inaugural sponsor of CJ’s first email newsletter.

Los Angeles ( June 21, 2021 ) -

Celluloid Junkie, the leading online resource dedicated to the global film and cinema business, is announcing the debut of its first email newsletter, The Marquee, intended to deliver the latest exhibitor-centric news stories from around the world directly to readers starting the week of June 21, 2021. Dolby Laboratories is to be the inaugural sponsor of The Marquee upon launch and through its first three months.

The Marquee, which will be published weekly during its first month, was developed to keep the professionals who rely on Celluloid Junkie for the latest industry updates informed of all the latest headlines. The newsletter will feature stories published both by CJ itself as well as other trusted sources. One of The Marquee’s main objectives is to go beyond a brief summary of a news story to provide subscribers with educated analysis and opinion.

“An email newsletter is the feature request we receive most often at CJ,” said Patrick von Sychowski, the Editor of Celluloid Junkie. “We have wanted to launch one for years and we’re excited that we’ll be able to capture in The Marquee many of the news items that aren’t covered with posts on CJ. It gives us one more way to directly contribute to the cinema community.”

The Marquee will be written and curated by the CJ editorial team. An archive of past newsletters will be made available before individual newsletter items are accessible on the Celluloid Junkie website later this year. Likewise, CJ is currently developing newsletters that will focus on film distribution and related areas of the industry to be launched in the near future.

Anyone can subscribe to The Marquee by visiting the Celluloid Junkie website or signing up here: https://celluloidjunkie.com/newsletters/

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