Webinar: Helping Independent Cinemas Optimise Their Digital Marketing – Affordable Ways to Set Up a Virtual Cinema

By Patrick von Sychowski | June 26, 2020 7:06 am PDT

To help independent cinemas make the most of their social media and digital activity, Celluloid Junkie has teamed with movie marketing company Screen Moguls on a digital initiative designed to educate and support cinemas with their digital activity during the coronavirus shutdown.

One of the more interesting developments to come from the coronavirus-related shutdown has been the emergence of Virtual Cinemas, or the use of VOD to support exhibition. Celluloid Junkie has documented a number of examples, but more are coming to light as time goes on.

The idea of virtual exhibition is one that any independent cinema should at least consider as a potential source of revenue, so the third session in the Digital Initiative focused on VOD for independent cinemas with the return of Sarah Knowles and Jo Fox from Substance Global, who have been advising their clients on VOD / streaming strategy. To view the session, click here.

Focusing on a range of free and paid options for streaming / VOD, and touching on the trend of the moment in drive in cinemas, this session is essential viewing for any cinema looking to implement a VOD strategy for the future.

To view the whole session and learn more about how to set up VOD for independent cinemas, click here.

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