Daily Cinema Digest – Wednesday 27 May 2015

By Patrick von Sychowski | May 27, 2015 3:16 am PDT
Game of Thrones Cineplex


74 of Canada’s Cineplex cinemas will screen the season finale of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” on Sunday 14 June. “Last year, the season four finale was screened in 29 theatres, with more than 11,000 tickets snatched up within days.” The pre-show will include trailers for other HBO show as well as Episode 9 of GoT. The free tickets are available on a first-come-first basis. LINK

Cineworld Telford

UK/Europe/Israel – Cineworld has seen its revenue grow significantly on the back several blockbusters in Q1 of 2015, with more to come. Revenue was up 26.8%, with Cinema City contributions now also included after it was acquired in February last year.

UK box office revenues rose 7.9%, slightly lower than overall admissions because – analysts say – of its broader breadth of films rather than merely blockbusters. During the quarter it opened two new Cinewords in the UK at Swindon and Broughton and one Picturehouse in East Dulwich. It expects to open another eight cinemas in the UK and eight in Europe and Israel.  LINK

Poland’s ISB News reports that Cineworld plans to open eight sites in UK in 2015 (64 screens, 8 of which will be in the two Picturehouse cinemas), plus a further eight cinemas in Central & Eastern Europe and Israel (79 screens). Slovakia was the only Cineworld territory where revenue fell in the first quarter.

India – Multiplex major Inox has reported 39.21% increase in its Q4 profit to INR 21.3 million (USD $330,000).

Inox Leisure’s net sales were Rs 184.24 crore [USD $28.8 million] during the quarter, up 2.70 per cent, as against Rs 179.38 crore [USD $28 million] last year. During 2014-15 fiscal, Inox Leisure reported a standalone net profit of Rs 24.76 crore [USD $3.87 million], up 32.95 per cent, from Rs 36.93 crore [USD $5.77 million] in the year- ago period. LINK

However, this is largely an accounting chimera as it includes the impact of the acquisition of Satyam Cineplexes. Like-for-like footfall and occupancy rates both declined from 8.2 million to 7.1 million and 23% to 20% respectively. Average ticket price only increased 1% to INR 153 (USD 2.39). LINK

Secret Cinema Star Wars

UK – Having launch location-specific experiential cinema and lately also bars, Secret Cinema is trying its hands at retail. “As well as the nightclub, Secret Cinema have opened the RebelX stores in East London which will stock equipment and supplies for members of the Rebel Alliance – Secret Cinema Star Wars ticket holders.”  LINK

Germany – You can now pay at all Cinemaxx locations with the Yapital app. “As an industry pioneer leads Germany’s most famous cinema chain now you can pay at all 29 locations with the mobile payment Yapital app – just a few weeks after the announcement of the cooperation and start of integration.” LINK

Novo Cinema UAE
Photo: Novo Cinemas/Gulf News Archive

U.A.E. – Box office remains big business in the Emirate kingdoms. “Estimates suggest that a quite substantial 14.12 million tickets were sold at cinemas in the UAE through last year, resulting in gross box-office receipts of $161.63 million (Dh593.69 million), easily overwhelming the $148.39 million recorded a year earlier.” Although the UAE is seen as a mature market for the region, there is still scope for growth, with Novo alone adding three Imax screens to its portfolio.  LINK

USA (KS) – AMC has issued cash tender offer for USD $600 million for “any and all of its outstanding $600.0 million aggregate principal amount of its 9.75% Senior Subordinated Notes due 2020 (the “Notes”) through a cash tender offer (the “Tender Offer”).” Standard re-financing procedure.  LINK


Pepsi nigeria Viva Cinema

Nigeria – Pepsi might be a distant second in the cinema business, but that means that they are trying that much harder in emerging markets such as Nigeria. “To say people of Ilorin love fun and excitement is an understatement as demonstrated by the crowd that turned up on Friday May 22, 2015 when Pepsi and Viva Cinema Entertainment launched yet another world class cinema in Ilorin.”  LINK

India – An app to let you order your concessions from the comfort of your cinema seat. “Tired of long queues to grab a snack while at a movie theatre or scared of missing scenes post interval? Here comes Snacket, an app which lets you order food and drinks from your smartphone in a quick and easy way while you enjoy a film of your choice.”  LINK


Morocco – A Moroccan film that was screened in Cannes has been banned in its home country. “Franco-Moroccan director Nabil Ayouch said on Tuesday he was shocked after Morocco banned his movie “Much Loved” about prostitution in the conservative North African nation, following its screening at Cannes.”  LINK

France – A French film that was not screened in Cannes has been pulled from at least 50 screens. “France’s answer to American History X has been mysteriously cancelled in fifty cinemas ahead of its release next month, with the director hinting that links between France’s skinheads and the far-right National Front are too disturbing a cocktail for film distributors.”  LINK

Law & Order

France – A 29-year old man was assaulted and ended up in a come last year, for telling noisy patrons to be more quiet. “We will meet you at the exit,” was their response. they did – with a brick. “A man was severely beaten in November at the exit of a cinema near Saint-Brieuc. The broken life Thierry is resumed, but only with a huge effort.” LINK

Cinema Opening/Closings

Village Cinema Gold Class
Manager Louis Munari is waited on by Olivia Fitzpatrick Picture: Mark Wilson

Australia – Village Cinemas is opening a new Gold Class as part of its AUS $370 million redevelopment of the Werribee Plaza. “The new gold class theatres are fitted out with plush recliner seats and cinema-goers will be able to order food from a menu which will be served at their seats throughout the movie.”  LINK

USA (MA) – A venerable cinema on Martha’s Vineyard has been restored and re-opened thanks to a crowdfunding effort. ““It’s been a mix of everybody helping. People who gave $50 and people who gave $100,000, and tradespeople putting their hearts and souls into getting it done,” said Snider. “It’s an iconic building, but it’s so much more than a building. It’s community.”” LINK

Watts cinema

USA (CA) – A new cinema for Los Angeles, but this one is not an ArcLight or Alamo Drafthouse in Santa Monica but a cinema for one of the city’s most deprived areas: Watts. “For over 20 years, Stanton has been trying to bring a theatre back to the area but with a twist: featuring an educational and job training facility for those wishing to work behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. Her nonprofit organization, Watts Cinema and Education Center (WCEC), expects to hold a ground-breaking ceremony before September in a vacant lot on Graham Avenue next to a Metro Blue Line station.”  LINK



A funny prank in Vue cinema to promote the “Poltergeist” re-make. “Vue cinema goers hoping to enjoy an exclusive preview of the latest Poltergeist movie had the lunch scared from them by daffy pranksters armed with demon special effects and a passion for a ‘pwn’.  LINK

But for REAL horror, check out the film below that shows audiences reacting to “The Exorcist” in 1973. Great use of music too. People fainting. People throwing up. “One man even broke his jaw on the back of a seat when he fainted, and sued Warner Brothers…. he actually won the case and received an undisclosed sum.”  LINK

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