The First Cinema in Asia to Provide a Dedicated Safe, Stimulating, and Entertaining Centre for Kids

Enhanced Cinemaxx Junior in Pluit Village, Jakarta

JAKARTA, INDONESIA ( August 17, 2018 ) -

PT Cinemaxx Global Pasifik (Cinemaxx), a fast-growing cinema chain under Lippo Group in Indonesia, launched the enhanced concept of Cinemaxx Junior, providing a safe, stimulating and entertaining place for children while movie buff parents catch the latest blockbusters worry-free in the cinemas.

Located at Pluit Village, Jakarta, the enhanced Cinemaxx Junior consists of numerous programs for children between aged 3 and 8 to play, interact and learn. The programs available are Performing Arts, Puzzle and Games, Arts and Crafts, mini cinema, reading corner, and an indoor playground.

Anthony Sondakh, Deputy CEO of Cinemaxx said, “Programs offered were developed to stimulate and develop the kids’ early childhood learnings and applications of hard and soft skills such as confidence and creativity. The enhanced Cinemaxx Junior will make Cinemaxx Pluit Village a new destination for families looking to satisfy their entertainment needs, respectively parents and the young children.”

The enhanced Cinemaxx Junior consists of:

Stimulating programs:

  • Puzzles: Start them young and let us stimulate your kids’ brains and memory, promoting critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Arts and crafts: Drawing, painting, paper mache and origami art will nurture your kids creativity, and visual processing and coordination skills. We
  • encourage the kids not to colour-in, but get messy to express their true potential!
  • Reading zone: Reading will strengthen your kids brains, nurturing their wildest imagination in building and making connections from the stories read. Join the book club!
  • Playground: Promoting healthy growth and development, as well as agility and flexibility, the slides and ball pit are for the active kids.

Entertaining activities:

  • Mini cinema: Improve the kids literacy and make them a global citizen from this tiny cinema with educational content such as documentaries and classic cartoons. Kids will also be taught of the moral values from each film shown.
  • Performing arts: Cultivate self-expression, and nurture your kids to be confident, empathic and compassionate as we expose them stage performance, role-playing dress-ups, singing, dancing, and many more.
  • During school holidays or major festivals, the enhanced Cinemaxx Junior will be hosting thematic events and competitions such as recitals, spelling Bees, and talent shows

Safety and Amenities:

  • Cinemaxx Buddies supervising every program and stationed at each access point
  • All zones within Cinemaxx Junior will be monitored through CCTV for the safety and security of the kids.
  • Kids friendly food and beverages can be purchased and consumed in the area
  • Each kid will wear a wristband, and will be used as a verification for parent pick-up.
  • A waiting space within the activities area for nannies or parents who have separation anxiety to have a closer watch of the kids.
  • Dedicated kids-only lavatories, lockers, and first aid procedures that are always ready in case there is any event of accident or injury.

Cinemaxx is the first Cinema in Asia to provide a dedicated safe, stimulating and entertaining centre, the enhanced Cinemaxx Junior, for young children. Parents can now reignite their passion for movies and enjoy the latest blockbusters in Cinemaxx Pluit Village while their kids can be at Cinemaxx Junior supervised by professional and experienced Buddies who will oversee the children’s activities.

About Cinemaxx
Cinemaxx, a fast-growing and innovative cinema chain launched in 2014 by Lippo Group, is poised to transform and enrich Indonesian lives through inspirational storytelling, engaging entertainment, and memorable cinema-going experiences. To date, Cinemaxx has 44 multiplexes spread across Indonesia in Jawa, Sumatera, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Bali, Tenggara, Buton. Kupang, and soon Papua.

In its bouquet of Integrated Cinematic Maxxperience, Cinemaxx offers:

Cinemaxx Junior in Maxx Box Lippo Village and Sun Plaza Medan – Indonesia’s very first cinema designed specially for children, combining two things that kids love – movies and play. The cinema hall in Cinemaxx Junior includes a mini playground with various activities. Kids and families can enjoy films from a variety of fun seat options: bean bags, loungers, cinema seats, or sofa beds for two. With a selection of family movies playing daily, Cinemaxx Junior provides a fun and safe environment, where kids can play and have fun as well as being entertained and educated by the films on screen.

Ultra XD – an ultimate immersive experience with a gigantic wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling screen powered by high resolution dual digital projectors, breathtaking multi-dimensional Dolby Atmos surround sound, brightest 3D, and comfortable seating with customized geometry for best view.

Cinemaxx Gold – Cinemaxx’s VIP offering, replete with lavish recliner chairs and gourmet F&B offerings served by attendants on call.

Cinemaxx Regular – a state-of-the-art audiovisual experience with the most advanced projection system and a high fidelity digital audio experience while having the best view from every seat.

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