Multicines and CES Plus Celebrate the Opening of Quito, Ecuador Entertainment Center

Multicines - Quicentro in Ecuador
Quito, Ecuador ( April 9, 2024 ) -

Multicines SA and CES Plus have announced the opening of the new Multicines entertainment complex Quicentro. Considered the first family entertainment center in Ecuador, the Quicentro complex offers the latest in technology, providing an Atmos experience in all its auditoriums and full RGB laser projection by brands such as Dolby and Christie.

In addition, the complex integrates entertainment facilities such as bowling, a video game arcade, and a full bar to create a comprehensive environment for a great night at the movies. The bar area features an advanced automation system by Crestron, which aims to take the customer experience to a new level.

The implementation of Crestron systems in the hospitality sector allows optimizing facility management, controlling electronic devices, managing lighting, climate control, and offering personalized services to guests. Multicines and CES Plus are celebrating their successful partnership in bringing cutting-edge entertainment to the Ecuadorian community with the Multicines Quicentro entertainment complex.

About CES Plus
CES Plus is a premier provider of movie theater equipment and service solutions, dedicated to supporting cinema operators in delivering exceptional movie-going experiences. With a focus on innovation and customer service, CES Plus offers a comprehensive range of services, including remote support and on-site technical assistance, to ensure the seamless operation of movie theaters worldwide.