CES Plus Provides Tech Expertise for Opening of The Last Picture House in Iowa

Projectors at The Last Picture House in Davenport, Iowa
Davenport, Iowa ( April 11, 2024 ) -

The Last Picture House (TLPH), a new cinema born from the collective vision of a group of passionate locals dedicated to enriching the cultural fabric of the Davenport, Iowa community, celebrates its success after a few months of the grand opening.

At TLPH, moviegoers can expect an unparalleled entertainment experience, thanks to the collaborative efforts of The Last Picture House and CES+. CES+ provided expertise in technology integration and comprehensive services to ensure that TLPH delivers a cinematic journey like no other. With top-of-the-line laser and 35MM projection systems, Dolby 7.1 and ATMOS sound, high-quality screens, and acoustic panels, every visit to TLPH promises to captivate the senses and transport audiences to new realms of storytelling.

More than just a movie theater, TLPH is designed to be a versatile community hub. The new innovative cinema has a rooftop solution complete with a retractable screen, projection, and sound capabilities, enabling outdoor movie nights, gaming events, and special gatherings under the open sky. Inside, the lobby welcomes guests with a sophisticated sound system, setting the stage for unforgettable cinematic experiences.

CES+ is grateful for the collaboration with The Last Picture House throughout the development of this amazing place . CES+ played a crucial role in providing equipment, consulting, design, installation, and ongoing support, ensuring that the venue meets the community’s expectations for excellence.

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