Studio Movie Grill Announces “MoviePass Is Welcome at SMG”!

Dallas, Texas ( August 16, 2017 ) -

Studio Movie Grill (“SMG”) continues to grow and support platforms and partnerships that encourage more movie-goers to enjoy more films where they were meant to be seen, on the big screen and in theatres. In fact, programs like MoviePass encourage more frequent movie-going, which is a win-win for everyone. By embracing these programs, we are not only offering a valuable opportunity for our guests to attend more movies, but also supporting our studio partners and team by building on attendance.

“If you love movies, as much as we do at SMG, we should all embrace any outlet that allows for ease of use for our guests. If MoviePass subscriptions enable more frequent movie going and exploration of movie content, then we’re all for it!” stated Brian Schultz, CEO and Founder of Studio Movie Grill, “Our partnerships are about creating the ability to see more films, more often at the theater sitting in a comfortable seat, with immersive sound, on a giant screen, enjoying quality food, and in the communal experience only movie theaters can provide.”

Studio Movie Grill has partnered with multiple platforms that make going to the movies more accessible and we believe there is a subscription model that makes sense. The concepts align nicely with offering guests a seamless and enriched experience.

Encouraging more movie-going and allowing people to escape from their everyday concerns aligns perfectly with SMG’s mission to open hearts and minds, one movie at a time. SMG embraces consumer-friendly programs that drive movie sales and many moviegoers like the idea of paying a subscription for unlimited movies. They enjoy the value and ease it offers them.

“Going to the movie theater creates memorable experiences for family, friends, and community. SMG offers an environment where guests can come together to enjoy a great movie alongside an extensive American Grill menu,” said Schultz, “Our partnership with MoviePass could allow this to occur more frequently. We believe it will also encourage movie-goers to explore other types of films that they may not otherwise go see.”

About Studio Movie Grill
Studio Movie Grill modernized the traditional movie-going experience by combining first-run movies with full-service, in-theater dining. Established in 2000, SMG has swiftly grown to 24 locations in 9 states. SMG recently announced a major expansion initiative with plans for additional sites throughout the country. SMG is committed to opening hearts and minds, one story at a time.