Screenvision Media Expands Exhibitor Network With Two Key 2017 Signings In Top Three U.S. DMAS

Company Expands Network with Inventory in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago - Introduces Revamped Preshow and Programming Initiatives

New York ( January 12, 2017 ) -

Screenvision Media, a national leader in cinema advertising, today announced the signing of two new long-term agreements totaling 177 screens across 17 theatres with CMX and Pacific Theatres.

These agreements increase Screenvision Media’s inventory in the nation’s top three DMAs: New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. Propelled by impressive exhibitor relations offerings, the new deals create more value and on-screen opportunities for advertisers while providing additional term remaining to the network overall.

Following are details on the new exhibitor agreements:

  • CMX: CMX is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cinemex, the sixth largest cinema chain in the world with 305 sites and 2,641 screens. CMX enters the U.S. market with its first theater in Miami’s Brickell City Centre and currently has signed deals representing 10 theatres with 97 screens, including theatres in New York City and Chicago. CMX is a brand new exhibitor partner of Screenvision Media.
  • Pacific Theatres: Based in Los Angeles, Pacific Theatres has seven theatres representing 80 screens, all in the Los Angeles DMA. Under this new long-term agreement, Screenvision Media expanded its advertising inventory by one minute.

“As our exhibitor network continues to grow, the excitement surrounding additional inventory in the top three DMAs is high,” said Darryl Schaffer, Executive Vice President, Operations and Exhibitor Relations, Screenvision Media. “We are dedicated to creating the ultimate impact for our advertisers and are confident these new agreements will add significant value to our already robust exhibitor network.”

“Screenvision Media has the exhibitor relations expertise we need as we make our CMX entrance into the U.S. marketplace,” said Tom Stephenson, Managing Director, CMX. “Having personally worked with Screenvision Media in the past, I’m fully confident that this new partnership will significantly heighten value for our advertisers and moviegoers alike.”

To advance its exhibitor relations offerings, Screenvision Media’s Front + Center preshow will include elevated programming to ultimately create more consistent, relevant and entertaining content. The revamped preshow will elevate entertainment for moviegoers, as well as create more compelling content for local, regional and national advertisers to sell around.

“As part of this content redesign, we have launched ‘Real Lifestyle,’ a programming initiative that features lifestyle programming across key verticals including food, home and health,” said Matt Arden, Executive Creative Director, 40 Foot Solutions. “‘Real Lifestyle’ will feature segments including ‘Reel Food’ hosted by Chadwick Boyd, ‘Reel Fitness’ hosted by Donovan Green, and ‘Reel Home’ featuring Elizabeth Rees. We are not only delivering this content on the big screen, but also featuring it within our exhibitor partners’ lobby screens and exhibitor websites.”

“We’re beyond pleased with the creative branding opportunities and advancements in entertaining and relevant programming provided by Screenvison’s in-house content studio, 40 Foot Solutions, that coincide with our commitment to deliver an unparalleled, compelling entertainment experience to our audiences,” said Andrew Chi, Senior Director of Marketing, Pacific Theatres. “We’re looking forward to seeing the momentum that the company’s remarkable cinema advertising strategies brings to our theatre network.”

In November 2016, Screenvision Media was recognized by SAWA, the Global Cinema Advertising Association, as the cinema advertising innovator of the year. This accolade speaks to global exhibitor recognition of the company’s outstanding and innovative exhibitor programs.

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