Screenvision Media Signs New Licensing Agreement with CIELO

CIELO Ad Reporting to enhance Screenvision Media’s delivery reporting expertise

Miami & New York ( March 31, 2019 ) -

CIELO, the global leader in cinema device monitoring and data analytics, along with Screenvision Media, a national leader in cinema advertising, announced today the signing of a licensing agreement to implement CIELO Ad Reporting within Screenvision Media’s network. This groundbreaking system will bring cloud based technology to broaden and deepen delivery reporting to the cinema advertising industry.

In today’s media landscape where brands rely on data metrics to measure the delivery of their campaigns, timeliness is a priority. Screenvision Media has maintained this as a key priority within their ad operations, and continually pursues technology to complement and augment its existing systems. As part of this commitment, Screenvision Media has signed a licensing agreement with CIELO aimed at empowering the industry with a first-of-its-kind cloud-based software solution for advertising playback and delivery.

Backed by CIELO’s successful track record of creating the best-in-class IoT solutions for cinemas, CIELO’s Ad Reporting product will encompass the company’s superior real-time analytics and reporting features with Screenvision Media’s industry expertise. This partnership is set to provide an enhanced product and service with a unique set of tools that will continue to advance cinema advertising industry capabilities within the current media environment.

“Screenvision Media continues its innovative leadership with the introduction of CIELO within their advertising cinema network, providing a cost effective and accurate way of validating the playback of advertisements in real-time,” explained Guillermo Younger, CEO of CIELO.

“CIELO Ad Reporting is a sophisticated and innovative solution, in line with Screenvision Media’s mission to offer technology-forward solutions,” stated John Marmo, Screenvision Media’s VP Digital Training & Compliance, Exhibitor Relations. “The adoption of the CIELO Ad Reporting system complements our approach to technological advancement. Combined with our recent implementation of our broadband internet distribution system, this will grant full visibility to advertising data in real-time for compliance reporting and campaign performance analytics. This is a powerful combination that will revolutionize the cinema advertising industry.”

CIELO Ad Reporting will be deployed across 6,000 movie theatre screens within the Screenvision Media network. The cloud based reporting will augment the existing Screenvision Media reporting system and further support the already robust reporting across their entire network.