CIELO Develops an Integrated QR Code and Equipment Control Solution for Cinemex to Streamline Operations and Increase the Productivity of their Teams

CIELO has announced the launch of a CIELO QR + Control solution for its valued client and one of the biggest global exhibitors, Cinemex
Miami, FL & Mexico City ( April 27, 2023 ) -

CIELO, the global leader in cinema device monitoring and data analytics, is proud to announce the launch of a CIELO QR + Control solution for its valued client, Cinemex, one of the world’s top 10 movie theater chains, to streamline its operations and improve their technician's productivity. With CIELO QR and Control in one platform, Cinemex will be able to significantly optimize their site operations by enabling on site employees to control cinema equipment from the auditorium floor using their mobile devices instead of having to walk to the equipment and execute commands such as turning on or off projector lamps, dimming auditorium lights, starting a feature film and much more. This solution does not need any proprietary equipment and also includes all the existing features of CIELO QR for task and inspection management.

“CIELO has developed a solution that allows us to control all aspects of the projection from any cell phone with an Internet connection, this will help our local teams that are thinly stretched with many responsibilities to execute any cinema command from the auditorium floor,” said Eder Suarez, Assistant Manager of the Projection Monitoring Center at Cinemex.

CIELO QR + Control is an innovative new solution that utilizes QR codes to control cinema equipment, manage inspection, and track cinema operations tasks. This solution also provides real-time information about the status of each screen, enabling cinema operators to quickly identify and resolve any issues that may arise.

CIELO QR + Control is fully scalable and can be customized to meet the unique needs of each cinema operator.

“I am very excited to deliver a solution that was high in the priority list for Cinemex”, said Rafael Garzon, VP of Customer Growth at CIELO, “and it is very encouraging to work with innovative exhibitors that believe in technology and think out of the box to improve operations”, he added.

As the cinema industry continues to evolve, CIELO remains committed to providing cinema operators with the tools they need to stay ahead of the curve and deliver an unparalleled movie-going experience to their customers, the successful development of the CIELO QR + Control solution is a testament to this commitment.

CIELO will continue to work closely with its clients to develop solutions that meet their specific needs and help them grow their businesses.

About Cinemex
Cinemex is positioned in the Top 10 of the best movie chains in the world. Its mission is to give their guests the best entertainment experience, based on everyone's effort, talent, and commitment, generating value, innovation, and lots of fun.

With the idea of being able to reach more and more guests, Cinemex keeps expanding in multiple cities in Mexico. Today they have 314 complexes and 2,754 screens in all states cities in the Mexican Republic.

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