REALD Wins Patent Fight against Volfoni on 3D Technology

RealD’s patents on 3D cinema systems have been conclusively upheld as both valid and infringed by Volfoni
London, UK ( March 16, 2021 ) -

RealD today announce that, RealD’s key European patents on 3D cinema systems have been conclusively upheld as both valid and infringed by Volfoni. Judgments regarding patent infringement are now final, and so are judgments upholding the validity of the asserted patents. Thus, Volfoni has reached the end of the road in the legal appeals process and no further challenges are possible.

The original infringement judgments were made by the Düsseldorf District Court in September 2019 and apply to all markets in the European territory. The rulings stated that the Volfoni SmartCrystal Diamond systems infringe upon RealD’s European patents. The appeals filed have now been withdrawn as Volfoni accepts the final ruling.

In parallel proceedings before the European Patent Office (EPO), Volfoni attempted to challenge the validity of the patents asserted against them. In each case the rulings were issued in favour of RealD, and the patents upheld. RealD were also victorious in cases Volfoni brought before the EPO Opposition Division, and EPO Board of Appeals. Following hearings in January 2021, the latter of which dismissed all Volfoni’s appeals and maintained in full all the challenged RealD patents.

Travis Reid, Chief Operating Officer of RealD said, “We believe in investing in new, cutting edge 3D technology and can only continue to make these investments if our proprietary IP is protected by our patents, and enforced when necessary. These rulings of infringement demonstrate we will fight to ensure we are able to offer the latest and greatest 3D to our customers and the cinema going public.”

“We look forward to cinemas reopening across the globe, so we can all get back to watching wonderful 3D content, on the big screen, in epic RealD 3D.” Reid continued.

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