Lightspeed DepthQ Withdraws Appeals Over RealD Patent Lawsuits

RealD Inc. announces today the withdrawal of all appeals by Lightspeed Inc. in relation to judgements against the DepthQ CineBright two beam system

All appeals withdrawn against the decision by German Court in relation to LightSpeed DepthQ CineBright system’s infringement of RealD’s 3D cinema projection system patents

London, UK ( October 18, 2022 ) -

RealD Inc. announces today the withdrawal of all appeals by Lightspeed Inc. in relation to judgements against the DepthQ CineBright two beam system. This action finalises both decisions made by a district court in Düsseldorf, Germany in July 2022, which ruled in favour of global visual technology leader, RealD Inc., finding infringement of both asserted patents by the LightSpeed DepthQ CineBright two-beam system.

The German court had ordered a product recall and awarded injunctions, damages and costs against Lightspeed Inc. and LightSpeed’s directors, for infringing on RealD’s two-beam 3D cinema projection system patents (pat. numbers EP 2 469 336 and EP 2 067 066). Appeals were filed in both cases, however they have subsequently been withdrawn, as Lightspeed Inc. accepts their DepthQ CineBright 3D system does indeed infringe on RealD’s patents.

RealD’s patented light-doubling 3D cinema systems deliver the most light efficiency of any other 3D cinema projection technology, and as a result, provide a superior projected 3D image at lower operating costs. RealD products are the only double and triple beam 3D systems available in Europe with corresponding patents upheld in a court of law.

The rulings apply to the European patents and are the latest cases upholding and affirming RealD’s patents around the world. Following a strong history of victories for RealD in numerous territories including the United States, Europe, China, Japan, Russia and Australia, where the company’s invention patents were successfully asserted, or challenges by infringers such as Master Image and Volfoni, were unsuccessful.

“RealD invests substantial resources in our mission to deliver the perfect visual image. To continue making such R&D commitments, we must hold infringers accountable for copying RealD’s patented technologies. This is a big year for 3D and RealD, and we can now look forward to a fantastic 3D slate of films safe in the knowledge that our technology is both the best on the market and protected by our battle tested intellectual property position” said Travis Reid, RealD’s Chief Executive Officer.

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