CinemaNext Announces Technology Licensing Agreement with Adaptive Technologies Group at CineEurope 2017

Paris (France), Liège (Belgium) and Signal Hill (CA, USA) ( June 21, 2017 ) -

CinemaNext, the European specialist in cinema exhibitor services, today announced a new technology licensing agreement with US-based Adaptive Technologies Group (ATG) for its PS Box boothless cinema solution. Under this exclusive agreement, Adaptive will manufacture the PS Box at their factory in southern Los Angeles and sell it in select territories including the USA, Canada, Mexico, Latin America and Australia & New Zealand.

The PS Box is the first active enclosure customized for specific digital cinema projectors. It allows cinema exhibitors with space restrictions to integrate this “silencer” solution directly inside any auditorium without compromising the moviegoing experience, thanks to a powerful noise reduction system and lifting systems either suspended from the ceiling or from the back wall. Designed by CinemaNext’s Spanish subsidiary, Proyecson, based in Valencia, the PS Box is compatible with select DCI-compliant projection systems from NEC, Barco, Christie and Sony.

The announcement was made in Barcelona on the second day of CineEurope, the official convention of the International Union of Cinemas (UNIC) in Europe.

“We are thrilled with this new technology license agreement with our preferred partner ATG, a seasoned company we have been using at CinemaNext for many years with their quality cinema-related audio wall and ceiling surround mounts,” explains Francisco Lafuente, CinemaNext Regional Manager, Southern Europe and Managing Director of CinemaNext Spain/Proyecson. “ATG is the right partner to manufacture our product in the US and in the most cost-effective manner. They understand the needs of our industry and will increase the demand for this product in their marketplace and new territories.”

“Making their proven PS Box technology available throughout the Americas through us offers our fast-growing industry many more and economical boothless projection options for cinema exhibitors,” explains Paul Allen, President of ATG. “We want to make these designs locally available and include them with our own cinema product line. It is a natural choice for us to serve as both manufacturer and distributor for their well thought out and thoroughly tested projector lift solutions. CinemaNext has demonstrated to us over years their deep commitment to quality product design. We enjoy a shared synergy and look forward to an increasing level of commerce with CinemaNext as a result of this licensing agreement.”


CinemaNext is the Ymagis Group’s business unit dedicated to exhibitor services. Founded in 2007 and managed by professionals from the motion picture and high-tech industries, Ymagis Group is a European leader in advanced digital technology services for the cinema industry. Through CinemaNext and Eclair, the Group provides smart and comprehensive solutions to movie exhibitors, distributors (feature films & event cinema), producers, rights holders, cinema/TV advertising networks, broadcasters, VOD/S-VOD platform operators and video publishers. Over the years, Ymagis Group has significantly grown its portfolio of solutions & services and further developed its geographic footprint in Europe with permanent offices in 20 countries. The company’s core business is structured around three main units: CinemaNext (exhibitor services: sales and field services, software solutions, customer service/NOC and consulting), Eclair (content services: post-production, theatrical delivery, digital distribution, versioning and accessibility, restoration and preservation) and Ymagis (VPF & financial services). A publicly-traded company listed on Euronext, Ymagis Group is headquartered in Paris (France) and counts close to 800 employees. For more information, please connect

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Adaptive Technologies, headquartered in California, is a major global resource for professionally installed audio and video installation solutions. Adaptive’ s rigging and mounting solutions are the answer to the pro A/V industry when it comes to safe, time-saving and accurate loudspeaker and digital signage installation. Their design center and manufacturing complex is a major resource for AV Professionals worldwide since 1987. At Adaptive, designers create, stress-test and manufacture a wide variety of wall mounted, ground supported and overhead suspension systems that make audio and video installations faster, safer and longer lasting. All Adaptive designs are structurally load-rated, certified and meet strict quality standards to assure that they speed installations, improve safety, reduce “inventing time” and increase your bottom line. Tens of thousands of Adaptive solutions are already in use around the globe, serving all venues, indoors or out, from movie theatres to churches, schools to stadiums, theaters to military bases, wherever professional AV equipment is specified.

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