Coronavirus Cinema Update – Tuesday 10 March 2020

As Bond is followed by the bunny in getting its release date shifted, with SPE’s “Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway” moved from March 27 (Easter) to August (five month later), we look at the latest news from around the world…

Cinema News Digest – Tuesday 23 January 2018

Dear Junkies, How much is MoviePass worth and what are its business prospects? Predicting this currently is a fool’s errand, because there are simply too many unknowns. The unknowns include how fast it will burn through its cash reserves, what…

Asia Cinema Property Update – October 2017

China/HK: luxury Central cinema; India: L&T’s Hyderabad Next multiplexes, Mukta Arts in TN, PVR Chanakya, Cinépolis Guwahati; Japan: Tokyo Midtown Hibiya Toho, Aeon Chofu; Kazakhstan: Astana; Malaysia: GSC Megawati Mall; Pakistan: Cinepax in Silakot; Singapore: Golden Village Paya Lebar; UAE: City Centre Sharjah Vox….

CJ Cinema News Digest – Friday 2 June 2017

Screening Room hype, IMAX & AMC shares down, Indian cinema up, PVR 1,000 screen in 2020, RealD’s Lewis defends 3D, Cineplex thinks outside the box (office), Lebanon boycotts WW, CNN faults 4DX, UK arthouse problems, Barco Escape’s ‘The Recall’ reviewed,…

CJ Cinema Digest – Monday 13 June 2016

Lies, damn lies and Millennials, China to overtake US screen count 2017, PVR’s 800% gain,IMAX’s 10% drop, Bollywood 4D, Indian censor woes, Vue Feetham, Lebanon cinema opening, China love doll cinema date….