CJ Cinema Digest – Monday 13 June 2016

By Patrick von Sychowski | June 13, 2016 2:58 am PDT
Frequent Moviegoers (Millions) by Age.

Lies, damn lies and Millennials, China to overtake US screen count 2017, PVR’s 800% gain, IMAX’s 10% drop, Bollywood 4D, Indian censor woes, Vue Feetham, Lebanon cinema opening, China love doll cinema date.

Meet Celluloid Junkie at the Coca-Cola star at this year's CineEurope.
Come and meet Celluloid Junkie at the Coca-Cola stand at this year’s CineEurope.

USA – Don’t be mislead by the Atlantic’s alarmist headline – ‘Hollywood Has a Huge Millennial Problem‘. While aknowledging some demographical challenges, this is a well rounded and penetrative analysis with a good global and historical perspective on the issues facing the cinema industry, against the backdrop of several failed sequels this year. Spoiler alert: “Movies are not dead in any meaningful sense of the word,” is the conclusion of the final paragraph, though Hollywood studios face challenges when they spend 60 cents on marketing (advertising) films for every dollar they earn back at the box office and ten percent of North American moviegoers buy half of all tickets. The Atlantic – 8 June 2016

Wanda Cinema Line Logo

China – The President of Wanda Cinema Line sees China overtaking the US as having the worlds largest cinema screen count by early 2017. Speaking at the Shanghai Film Festival Zeng Maojun said that with 21 screens added each day, China is close to 40,000 screens (US had 40,547 in 2015). He envisions China as having an optimal number of 80,000 screens eventually. THR – 12 June 2016

PVR box office India
PVR Infinity box office Mumbai. (photo: Celluloid Junkie)

India – If you had bought PVR shares five years ago you would have seen an 800% return in your investment, with the stock set to cross the INR 1,000 (USD $14.89), having been just INR 100 five years ago. The Sensex Indian stock market rose just 46% in the same time. PVR has earmarked INR 250 crore (USD $37.23 million) in cape for this fiscal year. Economic Times – 13 June 2016

Imax is beleiving

Canada – Imax shares lost 10% of their value past week, following the change in CFO and an analyst downgrade from USD $45 to $40 price target. This despite “Warcraft” opening to record numbers in China. “The long-term outlook remains bullish here, even if there may be some hiccups in the coming weeks,” the Motley Fool concludes. Motley Fool – 12 June 2016


Abhishek Bachchan in "Dhoom 3"
Abhishek Bachchan in “Dhoom 3” (photo: Yash Raj Films)

U.A.E. – Bollywood hits from a few years ago being re-released in re-mastered format for motion seating. Vox cinemas is showing “Dhoom 3” (2013) in Deira City, as well as this year’s “Fan” in 4D. A sign of absence of new Bollywood hits this Eid? The National – 12 June 2016


Udta Punja
The censors don’t like it – “Udta Punjab”.

India – The Bombay High Court has overruled the Indian censor board with regards to the film ‘Udta Punjab’. The scandal tinged Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) had objected to the film over a line of dialogue deemed offensive, scenes are considered vulgar and a dog is named Jackie Chan, which CBFC considered objectionable. Times of India – 10 June 2016

Cinema Opening/Closings

Feet ham Vue
The wraps are coming off the Feetham Vue. (photo: Chris Booth / The Northern Echo)

UK – Vue’s new cinema in Feetham has announced an opening date: 23 June. The nine-screen, 1,266 seat, GBP £4.6 million multiplex previously had doubts raised about its opening after restaurants co-located in the the complex opened without waiting for the cinema. The Northern Echo – 11 June 2016

Traumpalast Leonberg
Traumpalast Leonberg – opening on 7 July. (photo: fact / Bach)

Germany – The opening of the new cinema in Leonberg is less than a month away. The new Traumpalast Leonberg will have ten screens, each named after a gem, with a total of 1,200 seats and is the first cinema [in Germany?] where all the auditoriums are equipped with Dolby Atmos. Four screens will have motion seating, with an uncharge of €5. There are also two in-house restaurants, Joe Pena’s and Metropolitan. Stuttgart Zeitung (DE) – 10 June 2016

Stars Cinema
Final work to restore the Stars Cinema. (photo: Haidar Fares/Al Jazeera)

Lebanon – Not having had a cinema for over two decades, southern Lebanon will this summer have two. Stars Cinema will re-open after extensive refurbishment, while Empire Cinema will be Nabatieh’s new multiplex. The former will show Hollywood films, while the latter is run by volunteers and plans to show classic Arab films. Al Jazeera – 10 June 2016

Clacton Century Cinema screen one
Clacton Century Cinema screen one. (photo: Gazette News)

UK – Clacton’s Century Cinema is set to re-open fully after a two-month GBP £500,000 revamp. The cinema had been running part-tim while work was ongoing. Seating has been reduced from 480 to 430 in screen one for more comfort, with reduction in screen tow as well and sightline improvement in both. Ticket prices will remain GBP £2.50 for weekdays and £3.50 for weekends. Gazette News – 11 June 2016

York Cinema community stadium
New York cinema plan. (image: artist’s impression)

UK – City of York Council has given go-ahead to plans to expand the cinema at York’s Monk Cross. Rival Reel Cinema had objected to the inclusion of a 13th screen with 400 additional seats, claiming that it was not a “minor” design amendment. The lightbox on top of the cinema will furthermore be 29 metres high, which is four metres higher than the original plan. York Press – 11 June 2016

Regent Cinema in Deal
Regent Cinema in Deal – getting a much needed facelift. (photo: Kent Online)

UK – Work has begun to preserve the Regent cinema in Deal. The Reopen the Regent campaign group has been lobbying for 18 months for remedial work to be done to the unsightly exterior. The building will be redeveloped and there is a promise that whatever use it is re-opened for will include a cinema. Kent Online – 12 June 2016


Man cine love doll Warcraft China
Fans of game-based films DO have girlfriends. (photo: Weibo)

China (P.R.) – A Chinese man took his life-size love doll with him to watch “Warcraft” at a Wanda Cinema in Fuzhou. He bought “her” an extra ticket, helping the film earn its record USD $154 million opening week haul. No word on whether they shared popcorn or even an illicit kiss during the screening. Yibada – 12 June 2016

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