Daily Cinema Digest – Wednesday 10 June 2015

By Patrick von Sychowski | June 10, 2015 4:16 am PDT
PVR DT Cinema India

India – PVR has acquired DT Cinemas in a deal valued at INR 5 billion (USD $78.33 million), adding a total of 39 screens (29 existing and 10 planned). DT Cinemas is focused on the National Capital Region (NCR) and Chandigarh and was set to be sold to PVR in 2009, but the deal fell apart the following year. PVR had previously paid INR 3.95 billion (USD $61.88 million) in 2012 for Cinemax. Post-acquisition India’s largest cinema operator will have presence in 44 cities with 115 multiplexes and 506 screens.  LINK

Hatefull 8 Tarantino

USA (CA) – Quentin Tarantino’s “Hatefull 8”, which was shot on 65mm film using Ultra Panavision 70mm lenses is rumoured to be getting a special analogue release in cinemas. “While not confirmed by Panavision during the session, word on the street is that plans are underway to equip roughly 50 U.S. theaters to show the movie in 70mm film. Work is also being done to find the most precise way to create a digital version for digital cinema release.” Could be an ideal film to convert to ScreenX/Barco Escape, but don’t expect QT championing these as much as film. LINK

Canada – Imax would like to build on the success of the “Game of Thrones” screening in cinemas with more premium television content. “”We’ll be looking for more content like Game of Thrones. A high bar to kind of strive for would be The Walking Dead, and we have had conversations with our pals at the AMC network about that,” Greg Fostersenior executive vp and CEO of Imax Entertainment, told analysts during his company’s Investors Day presentation.” But no agreement yet. LINK

Everyman ITV Jordskott

UK – Everyman is already doing screening of television dramas, with this Swedish drama showing in its luxurious new Canary Wharf location.  LINK

UK – BAFTA, Odeon and Curzon Cinemas will not be drawn into a boycott of Israel and go ahead with a film festival of Israeli Films. “Jewish and pro-Israel groups have condemned pressure by anti-Israel boycotters to cancel the London Israeli Film and Television Festival, labeling it “propaganda” and a manifestation of “bigotry” and “shameless anti-Jewish prejudice.”” LINK

South Korea MERS
Photo: Agence France-Presse

South Korea – The outbreak of the MERS virus in the Republic of Korea has lead to a drop in the number of visits to shops, restaurants, sporting event and cinemas. “Cinema ticket sales dropped 54.9 per cent in the first week of June from the year-earlier period. Visitors to amusement parks plummeted 60.4 per cent and to baseball games, 38.7 per cent.” (Now think about what the next avian flu outbreak will do to cinema attendance in China). LINK


UK – Cineworld’s CFO is leaving the company, in a surprise announcement that sent shares tumbling 4% lower to 490p. “As Europe’s second-biggest cinema operator enters a period that is set to be dominated by the release of Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II and Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, it said that Philip Bowcock had left “by mutual consent” and would receive “a settlement that reflects his significant contribution” over the past three and a half years in the role.” Bowcock was instrumental in Cineworld’s merger last year with Cinema City. LINK

France – Ymagis has appointed Maxime Rigaud as General Manager of Exhibitor Services for France, Switzerland and Africa. “The announcement follows the Group’s purchase statement on March 25 of the French company R2D1, which is specialized in the installation and maintenance of digital cinema equipment.” PDF LINK

Cinema Opening/Closings

St Andrrew Dollar Theatre

USA (MO) – The last “dollar theatre” in the St. Louis area is closing after Labor Day. “The three-screen theater in St. Charles has been showing so-called “second-run” movies since 1981, when the Moseley family bought it from the local Wehrenberg chain. For more than three decades, the theater has held its admission price to $1.”  LINK

UK – A proposal to build a multiplex in Durham’s The Gate shopping centre. “It is estimated the scheme, which would cost around £21m just to build, would generate around 180 extra jobs and a £5m annual boost for the economy, as well as supporting 176 jobs in the construction phase and earning Durham County Council a £1.5m New Homes Bonus and £430,000 a year in business rates.” The closest multiplex development is 27 km away at St Helen Auckland. The project completion date is 2017. LINK


Germany – Delays in the opening of this Cineplex in Germering. “In this specific case it was due to delivery delays, “which does not in itself may seem dramatic,” said cinema theater director Michael Riedlberer, but unfortunately blocked the follow-up accordingly and so we had to move the entire schedule.” LINK

Avoca Beach Theatre
Photo: Mary-Louise Vince

Australia (NSW) – The local council has nixed plans to convert the iconic Avoca Beach Theatre into a five-screen cinema, gallery, units and basement parking. “The future of the most iconic theatre on the New South Wales Central Coast remains uncertain, with plans for a major redevelopment of the site rejected by Gosford City Council.” LINK


Pizza projector box

China (Hong Kong SAR) – Following on from the ‘cardboard theatre’ in Japan mentioned in the last Daily, now Pizza Hut has gone one better with a Blockbuster Box. “Pizza Hut has released a pizza box that is also a movie projector. The company will deliver it to your front door. The box comes with a special lens that will beam a movie – played on your iPhone – on to your wall, or screen, or sister.” Just don’t expect it to be DCI compliant. LINK

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