China Cinema Digest – Thursday 5 March 2015

By Patrick von Sychowski | March 5, 2015 1:16 am PST
Wanda Group

Wanda Cinema’s shares have been soaring since their IPO and WinShang looks at how the company is expanding, with presence now in 80 Chinese cities.

During the reporting period, the strong momentum in the company’s development, gradually expand the scale theaters, grossing a rapid increase in the size of the company’s revenue and profits steadily rising rapidly improve profitability. As of June 30, 2014, the company has opened its own theater 150, has opened its own mapping screen 1315, the number of seats has opened more than 220,000, the company under its own theater layout has more than 80 cities across the country, the national strategy Layout is already apparent…

The company has a leading provider of data processing and customer service technology, has made ??remarkable achievements in e-commerce. As of the first half of 2014, Wanda movie network totaling 474 million page views times, access to approximately 69.04 million subscribers, about 1097 million registered members, it is important schedule online ticket sales accounted for nearly 45%. 2013, the company was the Chinese Academy “Internet Week” and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Information Technology Research Center as “cultural construction industry e-commerce model”, is the only national cinema company to receive this honor.  LINK

Wolf Totem

A detailed analysis of what made this year’s CNY box office so big, including which films were artistically any good (“Wolf Totem”) and how audience tastes differ in different tier cities in this long article from the People’s Daily (the official organ of the Communist Party).

When Cheng Huitao analyze why the Chinese New Year stalls at the box office a greater rise than last year, believes there are three main reasons: First, the growth in the number of theaters last year, mostly in the four-tier cities, such as Guangdong Shunde, Foshan and other places have built a high-end theater, Unlike past community theater, a new multi-screen cinema and more comfortable and quantity; viewing followed by growth in the number, but the audience is the Carnival of these new forms of viewing; again, he believes that the relatively low average movie fare, is still an important reason to raise the box office and viewing trips, “no matter how inside and outside the industry on the ticketing website, the ticket sales for the audience indeed bring benefits, for the film brought a new audience.” He also noted that high-profile New Year’s box office or can be attributed to God for the United States: Chinese New Year holiday in most parts of the country a few days the weather Qingnuan, help people go viewing.LINK

China Cat's Eye Movie app

Zhangjiakou Online gushes about the convenience that cinema apps such as Cat’s Eye Movies in finding you cheap deals amongst “artificially high fares”. Reads like an advertorial.

Toward the cinema, into the embrace of light and shadow art, it is imperative nature is ticketing problems. Facing domestic film market artificially high fares, or by their fruit powder iPhone mobile client advance tickets to come affordable. Therefore, “3K assistant” first recommend a good movie tickets App application for you my friends, it is the “cat movie” it!

“Cat’s Eye movie” The App backing but not small, it is sustained by domestic entrepreneurs star Mr. Wang Xing Internet industry to create life service App vertical applications, segmented from the giants in the field of domestic buy “US corporations” in the movie tickets App purchase application. Once launched quickly occupied the leading position in the field, according to the data show “Cat’s Eye Movie” in June 2014 to create a single month more than 500 million box office success in 2014 throughout the year is to reach 60 million share, the extent welcomed by the majority of users can be seen.  LINK

Cattle scalping China

A woman in Hangzhou is taking her local cinema to court for blocking her Gold cinema discount membership card. The cinema in turn accuses her of being a ticket scalper (known as ‘cattle’ in Chinese) who buys tickets cheap and sells them on expensively after spending 800 yuan (USD $128) on tickets in two weeks.

Two days ago, Wang ID card to buy “The Hobbit” movie tickets, they found a membership card can not be used. The prosecution, she thinks Studios violates the contract, consumer fraud, card refund request within the residual value, and treble damages.

The theater had to say, after Wang do card in just two weeks of consumption of 800 yuan, is very unusual. Cinema mean they have found the use of members of more than movie tickets buy low price, and then sell the fare conditions, this is really the “cattle” behavior.  LINK

3D 1.2 meters

In China, as in much of the rest of Asia, children riding busses or entering cinemas free of charge are not regulated by age but by their height. (“Taller than this line? Then you have to pay.”) But 3D films are not free, even if you are less than 1.2 meters tall (about 4 foot), much to the annoyance of some parents.

The new far Cineplex theaters belong starlight, Lumiere, xiasha Xinyuan Studios, Blue Diamond Studios provides that children under 1.1 meters free of charge; to 1.1 m half-price ticket for children; children over 1.4 meters unanimously. It should be noted that children are not in their seats free of charge, accompanied by an adult who needs to sit.

Reporters found that the majority of the theater or the implementation of children under 1.2 meters free of charge, with a limit per adult and child admission. There are a few standard theater to children free of charge as 1.1 m or 1.3 m. At the same time, many theaters are clearly defined, the height of the child within the standard free of charge without tickets, but no seats when watching a movie; if you are watching a 3D movie, children can be free of charge admission, 3D glasses, there are some free theater rent, some need to pay rent.  LINK

Yet more complaints about the inability to get refunds for tickets bought electronically and/or through a micro-channel. The article points out that in South Korea you can still get refunded 10% of the ticket price even on the day of the screening, while 10 days in advance gets you the full price.

Strait Studios business Hanzhu Ren said that “in principle” to sell movie tickets can not be returned, under exceptional circumstances, if the application is walking program, but also can retire. The so-called “special circumstances” includes circumstances and reasons for the customer’s own fault caused the automatic ticketing system or device appears. Hanzhu Ren told reporters returned on vending machines is also more difficult, cumbersome procedures, if you encounter the holidays even more intractable, “Studios aspects can be coordinated with the third-party headquarters, but is expected to be a long process.”

In Hengdian Studios, duty manager Ms. King told reporters that the company has expressly provided for the public to apply for temporary emergency window refund, under normal circumstances is not allowed. Internet ticketing, the fees charged by the network of third-party platform, theater tickets only party services. As for the reason for the company to set this provision, fund managers said they were not clear, “mostly because theater is such provisions.”  LINK


Barco prometheus 4K

Barco isn’t content with dominating the theatrical market in China but is now looking to leverage that into home as well, with no less than 11 projectors all the way up to 4K.

With more than in the professional field of cinema projectors 60% share of Barco , entered the high-end private theater projector market. The total release of the Residential (housing) a full range of 11 new models, including two corresponding 4K of Prometheus (Prometheus) top private theater projector.

As a post-high-end Hollywood studio level 4K projectors, Prometheus I and Prometheus II debut, suggesting a lack of the embarrassing situation in this area has become the top product of history. This is Barco DCI civil evolution of cinema projectors, the retail price of 150 million to 200 million between, is currently able to buy the most expensive and best 4K home projector.   LINK

Health & Safety

China 3D glasses cleaning

Authorities are closely monitoring compliance with 3D glasses cleaning requirements.

February 28 afternoon, the reporter with the City Health Authority together law enforcement, has examined the Shangrao Studios, one hundred million liters earth theater 3D glasses to clean and disinfect the situation. Found during the inspection, rectification through training and daily supervision when the previous stage, the importance of these two theaters are on the 3D glasses cleaned and disinfected with a more profound understanding of the practical implementation and strengthening the management of stereoscopic glasses disinfection and has been equipped with 3D glasses ultraviolet sterilizer or ozone disinfection cabinet, in accordance with the method of cleaning and disinfection after the first 3D glasses for cleaning and disinfection disinfection good record, with a sufficient number of 3D glasses rotation.

City Health Authority to remind the general public before wearing 3D glasses, you should check whether the lens surface clean, whether fingerprints, grease, etc., if it is found to be immediately request a replacement; suffering from infectious conjunctivitis, keratitis masses should be temporarily not watch 3D movies, in order to avoid the virus or bacteria infect others through 3D glasses.  LINK

Emperor's holiday 2

Yet another doctor warns about the dangers that stereoscopic 3D poses for young children. After the contaminated powder milk scare a few years back, any health concern relating to children will always be taken seriously in China.

During the interview, many parents worry about showing children prefer to watch 3D movies, like the kind of immersive feeling that they do not know, 3D movie is suitable for children to watch. Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the City Eye Hospital Director Wang. Director Wang introduced the principle of 3D movies is through the use of polarized glasses binocular difference, resulting in three-dimensional, the audience watching the movie, keep your eyes adjust, fusion, so watching the two-hour movie, many people will feel eye strain and even dizziness, nausea and other symptoms.

Director Wang suggested that children under 8 years of age in the developmental stages of vision, binocular vision, fusion, stereopsis is constantly formed visual development, not over-stimulation, 3D movies on their eyes is overloaded, So parents is best not to bring children under 8 years of age to watch 3D movies. Children 8-12 years of age if the watch 3D movies, try sitting in the back position, select the plot soothing, beautiful movie screen.  LINK

Fire fighter China

Good to see cinemas taking fire safety drills seriously in China.

9:30 the same day, Jia Xi international cinema industry a fire alarm sounded, studios and shops surrounding restaurants nearly 70 employees from the nearest fire exits, “escape”, fire shutter doors automatically start falling, less than 40 seconds, all staff evacuated from the fifth floor to the first floor of the theater open place. Link on the first floor plaza fire continued, the first fire-fighting forces in theater employees to form within 1 minute, theater voluntary fire brigade rushed to the scene within three minutes, and soon, fire brigade team has arrived, carrying a gun injection flame, rapid lifting “fire.” “This is a joint operation with the theater surrounding shops, because in the event of a fire, it is not ‘own’ thing.” Cinema voluntary fire brigade captain Zhang Road. “There is discipline, speed, good equipment.” Jiufang International Film Studios official said the exercise to learn “new knowledge” to go back to the theater.  LINK

China pregnant

Baobao Sohu cautions pregnant women about the dangers to their foetus of going to the movies. No word on whether 3D films do more or less harm to the unborn child.

Pregnant women pregnancy entertainment less, to the cinema to see a movie to relax the mood is also a good choice. However, as a special population, the pregnant women cinema should pay attention to safety.

Pregnant women are not too exciting to see the movie, because if frightened or watch some horror piece, it will directly affect the pregnant mother’s emotions, easily bring bad influence to the baby.

Pregnant women to ensure a good mood and state of mind, not receive stimulation and frightened, so as to ensure the baby’s health. So the story horror thriller flick scene stimulation, intense thriller pregnant women are not suitable for viewing. Pregnant women will produce these films restless and tension, have serious effects on the fetus.  LINK

Dark cinema

A man has been awarded 2,890 yuan (USD $460) after tripping and falling in a dark cinema.

Wang, after receiving complaints from the business sector, then the parties organized site mediation, Wang said she was after the end of that movie last few got up to leave, until she was ready to leave the moment, the staff did not turn lighting light, while on the stairs so much damage hole theater party did not do to remind the obligation, viewing environment obviously there against the safety of consumer risks.

Cinema also know this happens, it must bear the primary responsibility, the following coordination, theater party official said they are willing to bear all medical expenses, while giving appropriate compensation, Wang finally accepted the terms of payment of 2890 yuan theater compensation payments, Wang expressed satisfaction with the mediation business sector organizations.  LINK


A Chinese pregnant woman who clearly didn’t heed doctor’s advice about not exposing her un-born baby to the dangers of cinema (a 3D film no less!) went into labour in the middle of a screening of “Wolf Totem”. It all ended well and both mother and child are reported to be doing fine.

China Jiangsu Network March 2 hearing since the first day of a large national release, box office soared, harvested an excellent reputation, a lot of people to see the film of choice for the Chinese New Year this end piece, and even pregnant women unable to bear wanted to see the 3D epic, beginning more than four of 21:00, Xue staged cinema film, just as the plot tense moments, suddenly lit cinema, turned out to be a pregnant woman suddenly appeared contractions in the viewing process, unborn baby seems to want to miss this movie, then so mothers are sent to four homes in Changzhou New North School District production.

It is understood that the mother of a healthy baby boy by caesarean section at the second day, mother and child safe at present!  LINK

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