NBA to be shown live in 3D with stacked 4K

By Patrick von Sychowski | March 19, 2008 10:18 pm PDT

Dallas Mavericks cheerleadersMaverick billionaire Mark Cuban‘s Dallas Mavericks will have their upcoming 25 March game captured, beamed and shown in live digital 3D, through a partnership with Pace Fusion 3D. From the press release:

The March 25 game against the Los Angeles Clippers from the American Airlines Center will be beamed across town via satellite into Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cubans Magnolia Theatre in Dallas West Village where an invitation-only audience will watch unforgettable images through special 3D glasses using Sonys SXRD 3D Projection System on an 18×42-foot screen, making it feel as if youre sitting courtside. In addition to VIP guests, the audience will include over 100 lucky Mavericks fans, who can win tickets to the event by entering an online sweepstakes at 

FSN Southwest will utilize the proprietary PACE/Cameron Fusion Sports System to capture the action on the court and deliver a unique depth of field perspective to the Magnolia Theatre audience. Each of the four 3D systems that will be used is designed with two high-definition cameras that capture the left eye and right eye imagery separately and create one three-dimension effect. The result is a wow visual experience that makes the action seem so close and spectacular most viewers will probably forget theyre sitting miles away in a movie theatre. 

To display the game stereoscopically two SXRD’s will need to be stacked. While some may scoff that this highlights the SXRD’s inability to handle 3D from a single projector, it should be noted that a growing number of theatres are opting for stacked DLP 2K solutions instead of signing a long term licensing deal with RealD. Call me sexist or call me just-not-interested-in-basketball, but I’m wondering how well Pace will capture the cheerleader action in 3D.  

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