PVR expands high and low in India

By Patrick von Sychowski | February 1, 2008 2:16 am PST

Indian exhibitor PVR has given details about its expansion plan in India, which involves almost doubling in size over 14 months and adding both high-end and low-end cinemas to its expanded geographical base. “While the company is aggressively planning to open screens in north and south India in the near future, it also wants to strengthen its presence in west India and make new forays in east India, where the property and retail economy is up.” according to an article in The Hollywood Reporter. PVR also plans to expand the PVR Talkies, “no-frills multiplex concept in smaller cities”, of which it currently has nine and 20 per cent of its new builds will be focused on. So word on any international ambitions along the lines of its Indian rivals Adlabs and Pyramid Saimira.

Patrick von Sychowski
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