The Beyonce Experience (not the least bit) LIVE!

By Patrick von Sychowski | November 14, 2007 11:22 pm PST

Sometimes digital cinema operators should be slapped very hard with the Trade Descriptions Act, or whatever the US equivalent is. Particularly ones that advertise a ‘LIVE!’ concert (capital letters, exclamation mark and all) of Beyonce, which is actually a recording of her shaking her booty almost two months ago at the LA Staples centre. From the waaaaaa-haaaaaa-haaaayyyy over the top AccessIT/Bigger Picture press release:

“Beyonce – close up, live and singing – what more could fans around the country want? How about a theatre packed with other fans singing and dancing and their seats, appreciating The Beyonce Experience LIVE! right along with them? This concert will give fans all of that, with beautiful digital cinema sound and picture,” said Jonathan Dern, Co-president of The Bigger Picture. “There is nothing like feeling as though you have the best seats in the house; Beyonce fans shouldn’t miss it!”

This unique movie engagement provides fans with an unparalleled opportunity to see and hear Beyonce, Destiny’s Child and Jay-Z up close and personal. To find a theater near you that will be screening The Beyonce Experience LIVE! Event on Monday, November 19th, log on to

It is so ‘LIVE!’ that I could have caught Ms Knowles performing in person in Mumbai in the time between the Los Angeles show RECORDING! and the file’s play-out in cinemas. The company is doing the alternative content field a disservice by advertising the event as something that it is not. Or has anyone ever shown a concert that was not recorded live? Perhaps next AccessIT will start advertising the digital screening of films showing LIVE! acting by actors in front of movie cameras. Just an idea.

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