Trinnov Audio Offers Cinema Downtime Customer Overview & Engineer Calibration Training

Trinnov Audio
Paris, France ( March 30, 2020 ) -

As a side effect of suspending travel and many commercial cinemas being closed, for now, we have had to rethink ways to use our time in the current situation. We have tested and will offer one-to-one Ovation 2 wizard training to cinema engineers, using our test room in Paris with remote access.

We are also able to do a quick overview for any customers interested in knowing a little more about our processor. The customer overview can be done in 15-30 minutes (depending on questions) and engineer training lasts about an hour.

This is how it works:

Mike, Alex or Joseph can connect to our test system in Paris. We can then demonstrate the wizard to show customers the quick process. The engineer can connect to our computer with Google Remote Desktop and “drive” the wizard and VNC menus. Additional voice communication via Google Hangouts Meet, Skype, phone, Whats app or another mutually agreed format. We are set up to train for 5.1 bi-amp, 7.1 bi-amp, and additional formats using bi-amp surrounds, as well as side and back wall subwoofers.


  • A decent internet connection
  • Google Remote Desktop for Chrome plugin
  • Google Hangouts Meet, or another mutually agreed voice app
  • (the calendar event we send will have a link to Google Hangouts Meet, which works well so far)

    Contact to schedule a training session.