Showtime Analytics Introduces Benchmark, A Market Comparison and Competitor Analysis Tool for Cinema Exhibitors

Showtime Analytics Launches Benchmark

Built in conjunction with Comscore, Benchmark enables exhibitors to maximise moviegoer attendance and market share.

Dublin, Ireland ( August 30, 2021 ) -

Showtime Analytics provide a suite of data powered solutions to the cinema exhibition industry across Operations, Marketing and Customer Analytics. Their data platform allows exhibitors to connect to any data source, integrate everything together and build visually rich analytics applications and solutions.

Showtime Analytics and Comscore have been strategic partners since 2016. By working closely together they are helping the exhibition community to maximise the power of their Comscore data through user-friendly products and applications.

Showtime are delighted to announce their new product release Benchmark, which enables exhibitors to work more efficiently and to maximise moviegoer attendance and market share .

Benchmark seamlessly connects to your existing Comscore (I)BOE subscription, to provide new and exciting capabilities that harness the undisputed power of the Comscore data collection coverage.

Richard Power, CEO of Showtime Analytics explains :

“The Benchmark product has been designed specifically with the end user in mind to make it as functional and user-friendly as possible. Because of this design principle it can be used widely across an exhibitor’s organisation-on-the-move mobile analytics for executives, and deeper desktop analytics for planning and operational teams. With our mass user licensing model anyone who could benefit from having this information can be given access, saving valuable time across different areas of the business.”

Leading the way for Comscore is their SVP and Global Managing Director for Movies, Arturo Guillén. Since stepping into this role in 2019 from his previous position as VP of EMEA & India, Arturo has been determined to create a tool that is both meaningful and powerful for the cinema exhibitor market.

“It has been a pleasure to be involved in the creation of Benchmark from the very beginning. I feel passionately about providing new and exciting products and services to our partners in exhibition. We want to provide this tool to exhibitors to acknowledge the importance of their role to us and to the wider theatrical industry to unleash the power of the comscore market data”

With Benchmark you can now create your own user defined views of the marketplace and analyse your performance using cutting edge, user friendly data visualisation, all easily accessible across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Benchmark allows exhibitors to create their own mini market clusters and understand performance trends, market share and competitor analysis by multiple variables including; Geography, Day of the Week, Movie, Genres and Circuits.

Ben Deighton, General Manager – Marketing for Reading Cinemas in Australia and New Zealand has been using the Benchmark product across their 35 sites:

“Benchmark is a great addition to our suite of Showtime products. It allows us to track our position in various markets on the go and make informed decisions in a more timely manner. We’re also able to share data more efficiently with relevant internal stakeholders.”

If you would like to access Benchmark or would simply like to find out more, please contact our dedicated rollout team, on email: or via the Showtime Analytics website