Golden Ticket Cinemas Partners With Showtime Analytics

Showtime Analytics has announced an agreement with Golden Ticket Cinemas to provide an operational, marketing and market comparison solution.
Dublin, Ireland ( December 13, 2022 ) -

Showtime Analytics are delighted to announce an agreement with Golden Ticket Cinemas to provide a Realtime Operational, Marketing and Market Comparison Solution.

Golden Ticket Cinemas was founded in 2017 with the opening of their first location in Washington, North Carolina and since then has become one of the fastest growing movie exhibitors in the country. In the last two years alone they have increased their location count by over 150% and their screen count by over 215% and are now one of the top 50 theatre chains in the US. Operating 18 locations and 110 screens across 11 states, Golden Ticket Cinemas is focused on bringing a modern theatre experience to small and mid-sized markets across the US including North Carolina, Minnesota, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Montana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky, Georgia and Oklahoma.

With a commitment to evolution through innovation and delivering a modern theatre experience to their customer base, Golden Ticket Cinemas wanted to use their data to help them understand how their business was performing across the metrics that mattered to them, and reached out to Showtime Analytics to evaluate how the platform could help them do this.

The first step was the integration of Showtime Insights with their POS system so that they could easily bring their operational data to life, giving executives and staff the insight they needed into what was happening across the business, and the ability to make decisions in real time.

The second stage was to migrate from their existing email marketing tool and integrate their customer data to Showtime Engage, which will allow them to bring individual customer behaviors, touch points and purchase activity together to create a single view of their identifiable movie-goers, as well as the ability to create and send targeted, personalized campaigns to segments of customers with shared behaviors. With the closed loop integration with their POS they are now able to track conversions and revenue uplift from each campaign.

John Bloemeke, President Golden Ticket Cinemas, said:
“As Golden Ticket Cinemas continues to grow, the need to acquire, analyze and interpret data is crucial. We are beyond happy to partner with Showtime Analytics to be able to utilize this data to maximize our success. Showtime Analytics gives us an important tool to not only make important data-driven decisions, but they are also a critical marketing device which assists our goal to extend our reach to countless current and future customers. Golden Ticket Cinemas is proud to be partners with Showtime Analytics for years to come.”

Larry McCourt, SVP Development and Partnerships in the Domestic market for Showtime Analytics added:
“I am thrilled to welcome Golden Ticket Cinemas to the Showtime platform and be able to support them on delivering their key initiatives. Seeing Golden Ticket go from strength to strength at a time when our industry is facing its toughest challenges is testament to their commitment to innovate and evolve. They have a true understanding of how important it is for exhibitors to harness the power of their first party data and I am looking forward to seeing the results that Golden Ticket’s focus on this will deliver to their growing business.”

About Showtime Analytics
The Showtime Data Platform provides customers with a cloud based managed data analytics solution to automatically bring all key data sources together in one single location.

Showtime Insights: Real-time, mobile analytics across all data sources, Insights provides exhibitor customers with a real-time data operational analysis across ticket sales, concessions, bar, F&B and employee performance. Optimized for Mobile and Desktop experiences, Insights provides the information required when and where it is needed most. Insights also works with multiple point-of-sale (POS) systems simultaneously to create visual, digestible chunks.

Showtime Benchmark: Through our partnership with Comscore, Showtime Benchmark brings you exclusive access to global market data in our customized, visual market competitor analysis tool.Compare your market share per cluster, movie, genre, day of week and more, and visualize and trend the performance over custom time periods.

Showtime Engage: A customer and marketing analytics platform that allows cinema operators to get to know their movie-goers through behavioral data analysis, tailored and personalized marketing communications and, most crucially, track results through audience uplift analytics.