New Study Reveals Movio Clients Achieve Revenue Increase in Excess of $220 Million US

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Methodology Validated by Harvard Statistics Expert

Las Vegas & Los Angeles ( April 3, 2019 ) -

Movio, the global leader in data analytics and marketing solutions for the film industry, has released new research showcasing the effects of targeted marketing to moviegoers using their tools. Results show significant increases in cinema admissions and revenue due to the use of Movio Cinema worldwide.

Harvard Professor, Donald B. Rubin has confirmed cinema exhibitors using Movio Cinema collectively experienced a USD227 million incremental box office revenue uplift in 2018. The analysis showed that moviegoers receiving direct communication via Movio Cinema increased visitation by 0.89 visits per Moviegoer. As moviegoers attend with family and friends, this resulted in 1.96 extra admissions, leading to an increase of USD16.61 in box office revenue, per moviegoer.

The average cinema exhibitor using Movio Cinema has 730,000 moviegoers in their database, equating to a total annual box office revenue uplift of USD12.1 million dollars for each exhibitor. The study determined that global box office uplift in 2018 across all exhibitors, utilizing the Movio Cinema platform, was USD227 million plus an additional USD97 million in concessions.

Using the theory of Causal Inference, an Observational Study was designed to model moviegoers’ behavioral and spend patterns. The methodology incorporated up-to-date thought leadership and state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to quantify the effects of targeted marketing using Movio Cinema. The methodology used has been verified by Professor Donald Rubin, Emeritus Professor of Statistics, Harvard University, internationally recognized as a leader in the fields of Statistics and Causal Inference.

“At Movio, we wanted to definitively measure the visitation and revenue uplift that exhibitors experience when incorporating Movio Cinema into their marketing strategy,” says William Palmer, Movio’s Chief Executive and Co-Founder. “This required an independent assessment of the findings and there was no one more qualified than Professor Rubin, one of the leading statistical experts in the field.”

“Professor Rubin’s validation of our results suggests Movio’s software presents an exciting opportunity for the cinema industry,” Palmer continues. “The application of data analytics in marketing decisions, whether by a studio or by an exhibitor, is now a proven way to grow box office revenue. Our goal is to continue to develop innovative solutions that deliver increased box office success.”

Professor Donald B. Rubin says “State-of-the art statistical Casual Inference methods, were updated to take advantage of modern computational advances, such as those used in current machine learning approaches, and then applied to Movio’s global moviegoer database, which contains billions of email communication events. This application numerically quantified Movio’s estimated impact on the cinema industry.”

Rubin continues, “The objective nature of the evaluation plan means the results could have actually turned out negative for Movio, but instead these results strongly support the value that Movio’s approach can provide to both its clients and the industry as a whole.”

About Professor Donald B. Rubin
Professor Rubin is the inventor of the “Rubin Causal Model,” the co-inventor of “Propensity score” methods for estimating causal effects from non-randomized data, the co-inventor of the “EM” family of machine learning algorithms, the inventor of “Multiple Imputation” for missing data, and many other similar techniques. His work has garnered more than a quarter million citations, according to Google Scholar, and googling him and his inventions creates more than 25 million hits.

About Movio
Movio is the global leader in marketing data analytics and campaign management solutions, revolutionizing the way the film industry interacts with moviegoers. Movio supports the world’s most comprehensive source of moviegoer data and the company’s investment in data science and machine learning has produced market-leading technologies that redefine the possibilities of movie marketing. Movio empowers marketers to connect moviegoers with their ideal movie via online and offline channels, and link campaign data with actual ticket purchases to close the loop and measure campaign effectiveness. Movio is a company of Vista Group International Ltd (NZX & ASX: VGL).
Twitter: @MovioHQ

About Vista Group International:
Vista Group International (Vista Group) is a public company, listed on both the New Zealand and Australian stock exchanges (NZX & ASX: VGL). The Group provides software and additional technology solutions across the global film industry. Cinema management software is provided by Vista Cinema, the core business of the Group. Movio (authority in moviegoer data analytics), Veezi (cloud-based SaaS software for the Independent Cinema Market), movieXchange (connecting the movie industry to simplify the promotion and sale of movie tickets), Maccs (film distribution software), Numero (box office reporting software for film distributors and cinemas), Cinema Intelligence (business intelligence solutions), Powster (creative studio and marketing platform for movie studios) and Flicks (moviegoer ‘go to’ portal for movie information) provide an innovative range of complementary products across additional film industry sectors, from production and distribution, to cinema exhibition through to the moviegoer experience. Vista Group has offices located in New Zealand (Auckland HQ), Sydney, Los Angeles, London, Shanghai, Beijing, Mexico City, South Africa, the Netherlands and Romania.

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