Movio Launches Cutting-Edge Product, Improving Cinemas’ Movie Marketing Capabilities, Enhancing the Moviegoer Experience

Movio Announces Movio EQ
Auckland, New Zealand ( November 8, 2022 ) -

Movio, the global leader in marketing data analytics and campaign management solutions for the cinema industry, has today announced the launch of its latest innovative SaaS product, Movio Cinema EQ, providing more opportunities for cinemas to improve the way they market movies to moviegoers.

With smarter insights, greater automation and more sophisticated campaigns, EQ takes the guesswork out of targeted marketing, empowering cinemas to enhance their connection with moviegoers, drive guest engagement and increase attendance and spend.

The new solution builds on more than a decade of movie marketing expertise in Movio’s current products. With Movio’s AI now at the forefront of campaign creation, cinema marketers can more easily create dynamic, ultra-personalised communications that are proven to increase moviegoer visitation rates.

EQ will also introduce Journeys to users. Journeys are automated, real-time campaigns that can be omnichannel, multivariant, and dynamically populated. The EQ Journey builder provides both pre-configured and customisable journeys that can be triggered on any number of moviegoer actions or behaviours, allowing cinemas to create highly sophisticated and personalised digital interactions throughout their guest’s experience.

“We’ve designed EQ by putting moviegoers at the centre of the strategy. Being able to connect people with their ideal movie via the digital marketing channels where they are spending their time and with smarter, more personalised campaigns, has never been more important. EQ addresses these needs while also providing an elevated user experience for our cinema clients. We’re excited to see the positive impact our technology will have in building frequency, spend and cinema brand loyalty.” says Sarah Lewthwaite, Movio CEO.

Movio’s proprietary AI tools use multiple algorithms to analyse cinema audiences’ past behaviours to predict how likely moviegoers are to watch a given movie. This helps marketers find the best audience for each film, identifying untapped opportunities to drive incremental attendance and deliver a better, more tailored moviegoer experience.

“What EQ brings is a transformed experience for both marketers and moviegoers. With smarter insights, actionable analytics and improved useability, cinemas will have more tools at their disposal to implement strong, more effective marketing campaigns that reach the audiences they want with the right message at the right time,” says Lewthwaite.

Movio is a subsidiary of Vista Group International Ltd (NZX & ASX:VGL), which brings a comprehensive film industry software offering, covering cinema management software, box office data analytics, and film distribution software.