ICA And CBA Partner With Digital Light Sources (DLS)

DLS offers First Energy Efficient LED Fixtures and Bulbs Supply Program to Facility Wide Theatre Complexes

Simi Vally (CA) ( March 3, 2020 ) -

The Independent Cinema Alliance (ICA) and the Cinema Buying Alliance (CBA) are excited to announce a partnership with Digital Light Sources (DLS) to launch the first Energy Efficient LED Fixtures & Bulbs Supply Program for Facility-Wide Theatre Complexes.

The CBA is an entity wholly owned and managed by ICA. Our mission is to make ICA members more profitable by giving them access to benefits and purchasing power that would not otherwise be available to them. As the nation’s only group buying program for exhibitors, CBA plays a vital role in leveling the playing field and building a competitive position for independent cinemas operating throughout North America.

DLS has collaborated with world-leading lighting manufacturers (GE, Philips, LEDvance–Sylvania, Cree Lighting, and partners) to provide the latest code-compliant LED upgrade fixtures and bulbs for movie theatre auditoriums, lobbies, and indoor-outdoor public areas. Available to all ICA members operating in the United States, the program offers carefully selected LED lighting products that optimize OPEX efficiency.

“By partnering with DLS, ICA members can now effectively reduce energy costs by converting their facilities to LED Lighting’ said Rob Del Moro, managing director of the CBA. “This partnership adds to our existing portfolio of cost saving programs.”

Orders will be processed centrally by DLS with drop shipments from 12 distribution centers strategically located nationwide for faster services. Experienced factory trained staff are also available for consultations and tech Support.

“DLS is very excited to work with the ICA and CBA on this unique and much needed program,” said Sami Haddad, president of DLS. “This opportunity can only emphasize our company’s position and commitment to ICA members—giving them expanded and value-added lighting solutions.”

About ICA

The ICA is a not-for-profit, volunteer alliance of independent cinemas operating in communities throughout the United States and Canada. Theatres operated by alliance members range in size from single-screen venues in small towns to multiplexes in larger cities. Currently there are 140 member companies representing more than 2,000 screens sharing one common goal: to provide a public voice that promotes the importance of independent cinemas as a valuable and necessary part of a healthy and vibrant motion picture industry. For more information, visit www.cinemaalliance.org.

About Digital Light Sources, LLC (DLS)

Based in Simi Valley, CA, DLS is an Integrator & Distributor. Markets: Cinema, Entertainment, Stage & Studio, Advertisement and 3D Mapping. Products: Laser Retro-Fit Systems, Xenon Lamps and UHP Lamps for Cinema Projection, Immersive Audio, Media Servers, Projection Screens, 3D Mapping in addition to a wide range of Energy Saving LED Lighting Solutions. For more information, go to https://dls.digital.





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