FLEXOUND in 1000+ Seats of the New United Cinemas STYLE-S Minato Mirai Multiplex

A high-end cinema complex with over a thousand seats boosted by integrated FLEXOUND Augmented Audio opens in Yokohama, Japan.

It Takes a Thousand Augmented Audio Seats to Fill a Japanese Multiplex

Espoo, Finland ( April 26, 2024 ) -

A high-end cinema complex with over a thousand seats boosted by personal audio and vibration opens in Yokohama, Japan. All the seats have FLEXOUND Augmented Audio integrated into them.

Every moviegoer at brand new, 12 screen United Cinemas STYLE-S Minato Mirai multiplex in Yokohama are treated with immersive sound that you can feel. FLEXOUND Augmented Audio technology enhances the cinema experience with high-quality personal sound and physical vibration in every seat at the United Cinemas complex.

Complementing the high quality Dolby system in the auditoriums, FLEXOUND Augmented Audio technology is integrated into seats manufactured by KOTOBUKI Seating International and Ferco Seating.

“FLEXOUND Augmented Audio is an add-on audio system for the main audio. No matter where you sit, Flexound gives the extra clarity to dialogue and music as well as immersive vibration,” FLEXOUND’s Chief of Cinema, Mika Oesch says.

“Our technology enthrals moviegoers, as in consumer research 96% say that the FLEXOUND experience is either good or great. They are also ready to recommend it to their friends. We offer a genuine competitive advantage against both home entertainment and ordinary cinemas”, FLEXOUND CEO, Isak Olevic says.

Cinemas boosted by FLEXOUND Augmented Audio are now operating on two continents. The technology is also available for car seats.

“We are now exploring opportunities to expand our business into other areas such as showrooms, entertainment facilities, and automotive. Our technology can be applied in various settings where people enjoy visual and musical experiences”, Isak Olevic continues.

The immersive effect is captivating for everyone, but the vibration and clarity of sound are especially welcome for people with hearing impairments.

About FLEXOUND Augmented Audio
FLEXOUND Augmented Audio is designed and engineered in Finland. The multinational team started the work in 2015 to help autistic children by adding the sensation of touch to music. Now the versatile, globally unique and patented technology can be embedded into cinema or car seats, gaming chairs, cushions, furniture and more. Cinemas globally have installed FLEXOUND technology and several car manufacturers are working with FLEXOUND to bring augmented audio solution to cars.