FLEXOUND Augmented Audio Vibrates in the Heart of European Cinema

Cineum Cannes is the first cinema in France equipped 100% with immersive sound, and the second cinema equipped 100% with laser projection.

Moviegoers in France will be treated with immersion previously unheard – and unfelt – as Cineum Cannes opens a premium theatre boosted by FLEXOUND Augmented Audio in July 2021. The technology enhances each seat with high-quality immersive sound and physical vibration.

Espoo, Finland ( July 13, 2021 ) -

Cineum Cannes is the first cinema in France equipped 100% with immersive sound, and the second cinema equipped 100% with laser projection. Designed by architect Rudy Ricciotti, the Cineum Cannes multiplex has 12 cinematic theatres with a total capacity of nearly 2,400 seats in a spectacular architectural setting. In the pursuit to offer the audiences exceptional cinematic experiences, Cineum Cannes partners with the best audio brands such as IMAX, DTS, Dolby and FLEXOUND Augmented Audio.

“FLEXOUND Augmented Audio connects you to the movie. It improves the clarity of dialogue and allows you to truly feel the sound. We are very excited to be the first to introduce this new innovative sound technology to France”, Cineum CEO, Philippe Borys says.

“Nothing can replace the big screen. People are thirsty for the shared experience of a movie and hungry to be immersed in experiences that take away the mundane. FLEXOUND Augmented Audio changes the way how people want to experience sound and we are very proud that we can enter continental Europe in Cannes, in the very heart of European cinema”, Jessica Wang, Head of Seated Entertainment at FLEXOUND adds.

FLEXOUND Augmented Audio for cinemas complements current sound systems. In Cineum Cannes the immersive DTS:X audio system is combined with FLEXOUND Augmented Audio technology which enables natural vibration and equal sound quality in every seat independent of seat location. The technology improves the clarity of dialogue and low frequencies as well as allows the moviegoer to feel the sound and requires no wearable accessories.

“We give cinema operators a high-value competitive advantage over in-home entertainment. No remix or recode work is needed as our technology complements all existing surround sound systems”, FLEXOUND CEO, Mervi Heinaro says.

The seats for Cineum Cannes FLEXOUND Augmented Audio theatre are supplied by Ferco Seating who have gained FLEXOUND certification for five of their models. FLEXOUND also offers other seating solutions and in June 2021 launched the FLEXOUND Pulse seat which features the first fully loudspeaker-free cinema sound system with FLEXOUND Augmented Audio™ providing full-range surround audio and vibration in the seat.

About FLEXOUND Augmented Audio
FLEXOUND Augmented Audio is designed and engineered in Finland. The multinational team started the work in 2015 to help autistic children by adding the sensation of touch to music. Now the versatile, globally unique, and patented technology can be embedded into cinema or car seats, gaming chairs, cushions, furniture and more. FLEXOUND is a member of the International Cinema Technology Association.