CTC Update – Community Membership Scheme and What’s Coming Soon!

CTC is extending its offer of free membership to March 2021
London, UK ( September 15, 2020 ) -

Today, we’ve announced that we’re extending the free Community Membership that you’ve been enjoying for another six months until 31st March 2021. During the past six months, CTC has delivered a vast array of content including guidance for Covid shutdowns and restarts, a guide to drive-in screenings, white papers, magazines, podcasts and its acclaimed Tech Talks seminar series on key technology topics. Whilst our industry is showing signs of recovery, the road ahead is long and by extending your Community Membership, we believe we can continue to play an active part in helping to provide knowledge sharing opportunities for the global cinema community.

What’s Coming Up Next?
Over the next few months, we’ll be releasing a range of new content. Season 2 of Tech Talks will be with you very soon along with further episodes of “In The Pub with Mike Bradbury” (our regular podcast). We’ll also be publishing several white papers including one specifically focused on upgrading Series 1 and Series 2 projectors, a range of test materials, an update to our acclaimed Projection Handbook and keep your eyes out for an announcement regarding a special one day event towards the end of 2020.

Guide to Cinema Auditorium Design
UNIC (International Union of Cinemas) has published the second edition of its excellent auditorium design guide. Authored by industry expert and friend of CTC, Rolv Gjestland, the guide covers every aspect of design including seating, acoustic, speaker placement, screens, accessibility and much more. The guide is freely available by visiting the UNIC web site.

About CTC
Cinema Technology Community CIC (CTC), is an independent, not-for-profit membership organisation that aims to advance the use of technology to enhance all aspects of the movie-going experience.

With over 450 members in more than 65 countries, our members represent all facets of the film industry; from film distributors to cinema exhibitors, integrators, manufacturers, journalists and thought leaders. Our membership community is united by a shared passion for technology and the cinematic experience.