Cinema Technology Community (CTC) Announces Latest Activities

The latest episode of "In the Pub with Mike Bradbury" is now available
London, UK ( March 26, 2021 ) -

The Cinema Technology Community (CTC) is pleased to announce the release of the latest episode of the podcast “In the Pub with Mike Bradbury” and an update on other recent activity.

In Episode 5 of the virtual pub, host Mike Bradbury is joined by regulars Kevin Markwick and Toni Purvis as well as special guests Jan Rasmussen (Nordisk Cinemas) and Mike Babb (Trinnov Audio) to discuss auditorium sound quality, auto EQs, equipment restarts, E-sports and much more. You can listen now via the CTC website, Spotify, Podbean and Apple Music.

A newly released white paper on Series 1 and 2 Projection Uplifts is designed to showcase benefits in terms of brightness (and potentially contrast and colour) output and the costs and opex savings that can be gained by uplifting existing S1 and 2 projectors and related equipment.

CTC is delighted to announce an ongoing extension to the Community Membership Scheme. Whilst our industry is starting the long road back to recovery, we continue to stand side-by-side with our 600+ members and industry professionals around the world. You’ll continue to receive all the benefits for the foreseeable future.

About CTC
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