CTC Update: “Amplifier Dynamic Power” Next Focus for Tech Talks 2 and ITPWMB Podcast Next Episode

QSC's Barry Ferrell hosts the second episode of CTC's Tech Talks
London, UK ( May 20, 2020 ) -

Available now in the Members Area, the second episode of CTCs Tech Talk Series, hosted by Barry Ferrell from QSC looks at the real world amplifier requirements in cinema and amplifier dynamic power.

Overview: Sine wave power ratings were fine when a “large” power amp was 300 watts per channel. A sine wave power rating may tell very little about how well an amp will work with real world movie soundtracks. While linear amps are limited in rail voltage Class D amplifiers can have high rail voltages without loss of efficiency.

You can also catch up on the first episode of CTC Tech Talks hosted by Sarah Lewthwaite focused on the Customer Journey by visiting the same page.

And if Tech Talks wasn’t enough, keep an eye out for the next episode in our acclaimed podcast series “In The Pub With Mike Bradbury” featuring special guest Brian Claypool from Christie Digital which will be released over the next week. You can catch up on the previous episodes by downloading them from Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Soundclound or clicking here.